Veratoss Intelligence Service

The Alliance’s own intelligence service primarily operated by the Veratoss government though all member races are seeked for employment.


Officer: Administrator. Rarely takes part in the day to day activities, or anything to do with field work.

Watcher: Station Chiefs, they take care of the handlers and organize the operations.

Operator: A handler makes sure their operative is mentally, physically prepared along with the necessary armaments.

Agent: The field worker, their ranks is assigned from the cycles of the Veratoss three sun orbit. A three sun agent is green and unproven, while a moon agent is rare and the best in the business.


VIS operates throughout the galaxy, and is legendary for their omnipresence throughout the galaxy. That’s what makes corporations spend so much on internal security and counter-intelligence, it is an ever present concern of any illegal activity to be caught by a likely VIS agent in their ranks.


Agent Kor Soor operated on Carpalas and used an asset on the field to modify the treaty so to prevent war with the Drakath.


After the Attack on Parliament and the death of Officer Dellus, Kor Soor has been made acting commander.

The VIS received intelligence from Agent Grundy that Commander Ru Zil was behind the murder of Ambassador Plipht. They arrested Ru and detained, Kor Soor tried to make him and asset and get intelligence from him but was attacked by Grundy. Though he managed to knock his assailant unconscious The Order gassed the facility and rescued Ru Zil. Grundy was interrogated then was tried for treason and executed.

Has been using their new asset Ru Zil and his monitoring device to get intelligence on Cinnabar’s movements and plans.

Veratoss Intelligence Service

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