The Order

The Order is a clandestine group of individuals spread out throughout the systems of the galaxy with no official government alliance. Instead of loyalty to a government they believe in something called The Galactic Moral Imperative.

The Galactic Moral Imperative is that morality should lead the way to decision making, an action that saves more lives should be done, and action that causes more deaths should not.

The Order has no ranks, no official structure just a group of individuals that work together to stop the horrific from happening.

Each Order member is declared a Hand, and a brother and trusted confidant of any other who holds this title. When you are sworn in you are also installed with a suicide switch, this differs for every species, humans cynadide pill, Veratoss spinal overheat switch, Drakath ammonia cleanse throughout the nervous system. The switch can only be activated by the person verbally with mental intent on ending their life.

If a member of the Order betrays the Moral Imperative in an overly conscious way the Order members enact The Causality, where the Order is forced to hunt their own.


Sent a team to rescue Brother Ru Zil who was detained by the VIS for assassinating the corrupt Ambassador Plipht. The Cell Leader Aromia brought back Ru Zil to Provia to recuperate. There Ru ZilDr Ru Zil shared intelligence on PRAXIS PRAXISand the massive threat he faced towards the galaxy.

Had a team of agents on Versuvian looking for the Cartographer. While they did find it, and managed to get scans of the ship and the map most of the members were killed by a monstrous entity leading PRAXIS’ army.

The Order

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