The Blue Coats

A mercenary group led by Chellivikay. They betrayed a contract with Triwikian Prince Condulf three years ago with in order to join Lucerni’s more favorable enterprise because of this they have gained a reputation for duplicity and for being untrustworthiness.

The group has since merged with The Red Wards, its membership losing its title but their leader Chell becoming a Captain within the new organisation.


Chell had gained intelligence that the Red Wards, a rival mercenary group, had betrayed their contract to the Swarm so they could aid a group of rebels take Drakarum and expel the current Queen from power. He had planned to spread that intelligence to the other mercenary companies once he attained enough evidence.

He was approached by Octavian the leader of the Red Wards and they made a deal to merge their two companies. Chell only did this under threat of his own death and that of his company.

The Blue Coats

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