The clam-like species is the military backbone of the Alliance. Their feudal space age society has been protecting the Alliance’s core worlds since the Drakath Rebellions.


The Ravarsi biology seems to have perfectly adapted to be the ultimate survivalists. Covering their soft flesh are large layered plates that cover every exposed part of their body, these plates are extremely hardy as they have adapted from millenia in the harsh environments of Hiajiin. When a Ravarsi feels threatened their plates expand to form a shield wall around their person. A some fully matured Ravarsi’s plates are able to resist high speed projectiles without the assistance of body armor. The plate network of a Ravarsi is so evolved that if one falls from great heights the plate system can absorb the momentum and propel themselves forward.


The Ravarsi are a warrior society and have been since they have discovered space flight. Having never developed out of their Imperial feudal society they are ruled by dynasties large families of Ravarsi, some are infleuntial enough to rule worlds and even systems. One of these dynasties is selected to be the High Dynasty for a period of a hundred years by a gathering of all the dynasties. This dynasty’s leader is the Emperor of the Rock. The only time a Dynasty may be unseated is when the congregation finds them unworthy.

The Ravarsi joined the Alliance when the Drakath were the military protectors of the galaxy. During the Drakath Rebellions when the Drakath seceded from the Alliance and began to turn Alliance worlds into Hive Worlds the Ravarsi were the ones that held Alliance space from the invaders for this they were made members of the Assembly. Since then they have been the military backbone of the Alliance, and key decision makers in the galaxy.


The Ravarsi culture is that of a classicist society. Though each Ravarsi is a member of a dynasty they do not all have the fortune of being equal to each other. The highest possible class one can be born into is that of the Dotros or the noble, these Ravarsi are raised to be decision makers, and schemers in order to advance their dynasty’s position in the Empire and their people’s position in the Alliance.

The second class is that of the Ivakay or warrior. They are raised to be honorable and to serve those they have sworn fealty to. Trained in the art of mortal combat they are the Ravarsi’s generals, and soldiers, they live and die in blood. The highest honor an Ivakay may achieve is to be made a Proteriate the sworn protector of the Lord of the Dynasty, and it’s defacto leader if the Lord becomes ill or unable to serve for a time.

The third class is that of the Ovikim or worker. They are raised to think of the group first, to serve those higher in the dynasty above themselves and their blood, they are trained in their craft they are most efficient in and released in the work force to earn wages and prestige for their dynasty. Like the Ivakay they can receive an honorable position of the Master position of their craft within their dynasty, and consulted when expertise is needed from them.

The lowest class is that of the Shavkrim, those without a dynasty are baseless, and honorless. Outsiders without a place in the Empire.

There is upper movement in the class system becoming more and more common in the past few hundred years. Usually this is done by the dynasty finding those who are found as “exceptions” during their schooling and are tested to see if they have the talent to make it in their chosen field. This happens often with a Ovikim being brought to an Ivakay but is extremely rare for a Dotros to come from a lower class.


After the assassination of the Imperial Family, Rorg-Dotros forcibly took power and appointed Chenzhenivikay his Assembly Member.

The Ravarsi have endorsed the Olpherian’s claim to becoming Assembly members.


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