Ploth unlike most species in the galaxy have survived as a spacefaring species throughout all of the great Empires rise and fall. Originating from Ozoa this crustacian species was lucky enough to have a planet full of dampening crystals which are vital to the creation of starships. These crystals caused their enslavement by the Otamic Empire and after their fall raised them to space faring civilization.

After the Otamic’s fall, the Ploth rather then travel and explore the galaxy decided to stay within their systems and trade their crystals sparingly to other galactic markets through the centuries. Until recently when the Alliance finished the Verox War and their Hypercorporations swooped in to restore order to the ailing galaxy, and earned them an Assembly seat.

Throughout the galaxy the Ploth are seen as opportunists and only follow where potential investments lie. This attitude is only encouraged by who runs the Ploth government, an assortment of hypercorporations that rarely agree on a path for their species but when they do it is for financial gain for all, not for an ethical or scientific justification.

The Ploth are considered immortal. Asexual beings when it comes time for a Ploth to die it splits into two both contain biological traits of the former but are not complete copies.

The Ploth fleet are small spherical water cities that fly through space. Their navy contains mostly trading vessels and largely rely on the hiring of Triwikian and Ikaite mercenaries when the need arises.


The Ploth Hypercorps now have mining rights to Ika-tra and it’s surrounding systems.


Sol's Exodus Atlas