Bipeds almost identical humans besides their onyx coloured skin. Obsessed with improvement with cybernetics replacing whole limbs unnecessarily. Goal is to find a union between organic life and synthentic life.


Drakath attacked them, taking the Carpalas system, and some of the outer worlds. War began with the Drakath.


A peace treaty, and a defense contract with the Drakath was signed, the Ikaite immediately declared war on the Triwek.


Dok’Lis has called an official meeting of the Assembly members to meet on Vir and discuss the path their people will take for the foreseeable future.

During the meeting of the Assembly of the Elite, the Lokai attacked Drakath forces stationed on the ground at their outposts slaughtering them. The Ikaite- Triwek Alliance attempted to take Vir, but were repelled uniting the Assembly of the Elite to reform their government making Dok’Lis the Prime Minister. The new Minister of Foreign Affairs Har’Ker, previously leader of Occipito’s Reach, has banned all outside forces from being within the borders of Lokai space, and any Drakath will be shot on sight.


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