The Cord

The Cord was a virtual intelligence created by the Otamics around 6000 BC. It was programmed to compile information on organisms gathered by the Towers of Otamia and assess it for a cure for a plague that was gripping the Otamic population at the time. The Cord failed at its directive and was left in solitude for six thousand years developing self awareness.

Over this time the AI realized that the information he has compiled could be used to alter a species so much that they became genetically perfect. The Cord formed the opinion that while this would strip away any threat of disease it would also cause it would cause detrimental effects on the culture of the species including xenophobia, elitism, and altering what makes the species unique forever.

“For what person could find strength where they have no weakness? A list of compiled strengths and no flaws does not make a species special it makes them irreventally perfect. An abnormality and obviously not the intention of any biological pattern.”

When the ARG team arrived they chose to comply with The Cord’s wishes and destroy Alabosh. Though with the interference of Cel’kai he ordered the AI to destroy the Alliance and Unival fleet with opening a wormhole in the midst of the battling fleets over Vega I.

The Cord was eventually destroyed by the ARG team and the Rock Bitch with a nuclear strike while the Drakath and Hive Commander Jabraxal were trying to capture it.


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The Cord

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