The Otamic were an ancient culture, and first known advanced civilization in the galaxy around 6000 BC. They are the first known culture to discover FTL flight and Fo Engines. The Otamic built massive structures known as Towers of Otamia which were large space stations that floated above worlds and were used as a giant communication network since they were without the technological advancement of Phasing.

The Otamics did not progress by themselves. They captured various populaces of species off their planets for slave labor to assist them in massive construction projects.

According to galactic historians the reason for the Otamic’s disappearance was unknown until recently. It was discovered now that a lethal plague spread across their empire and wiped them out. Without their lords the slave labor died out except for one species the Adronikis learned from their overlords and adapted the old technology to their use.


The City of Life


Sol's Exodus Atlas