The Ikaite are a recently discovered species by the [[ The Universal Alliance. Their extremely large and bulky physique is matched by their cultural appetite for violence. They were only discovered a decade ago so their grasp on technology is limited, and their access is watched closely by the Alliance


The Ikaite have a multiple levels of skin that adds on to itself over the species’ lifetime. This makes the Ikaite’s skin look very uneven, and rock like. Then they have the second and third layer of skin which is solid natural armour under the tissue which if hardened enough can deflect most fast moving projectiles. They come from a high gravity world so a typical Ikaite has much more muscle mass then a typical species.

The Ikaite do not have a respiratory system but instead have a complex digestive system that extracts the necessary compounds from their food and surrounding area for their circulatory system to continue. Thus an Ikaite can survive in space for a lengthy period of time.


The Ikaite were discovered a in 2195 CE on Ika-tra, where the Alliance made a deal with the dwindling tribe that occupied an area of many rare minerals and a natural occurring source of FO . The Assembly sent the Olpherian ambassador to broker a trade with the Clan Chief Obsidian in exchange for mining rights to the planet Obsidian and his clan would have access to far advanced weaponry and access to space flight.

The Ikaite have since conquered the rest of their world led by the son of Obsidian and ultramafik Cinnabar. They participated in the Massacre of Vega as Clan Chief Obsidian lent the ship Rock Bitch and it’s crew as support of his son.


The Ikaite have a culture based on the conquest and proving your superiority over others. It bases itself on a caste system the ultramafiks are the ruling class of the culture owning land and controlling the direction of the people. The mafik are the majority of the Ikaite clans where the fighters in all forms of warfare reside. The selfik are the slave caste of the clans where they do the menial work and hard labor for the higher castes.

In order to determine superiority for those Ikaite in the same caste achievements in warfare and violence decide who is of higher rank. If the achievements of another match theirs Ikaite often resolve the contest by a fight to the death.

Unsurprisingly a common saying of the Ikaite is “Blood and honor”. It is an Ikaite’s belief that pursuing anything else is fruitless.


The Ikaite people are ruled by a system of feuding clans, until recently the number of clans battling multi front wars meant that no clan rose above the other. The Clan of Obsidian however changed that through the acquirement of advanced technology and has since conquered all of Ika-tra. Now Obsidian hopes to build a Imperial system that is based on his bloodline.


While the Ikaite are extremely weak in terms of their navy, they are naturally adept shock troops. Extremely resistant to all forms of weaponry, and able to survive in the harshest conditions imaginable they are already being trained and deployed as front line soldiers for the Universal Alliance.


Lost the war against the Drakath and Lokai losing about 1/5th of their population in the process and shattering their alliance with the Triwikian Princedoms.

TheEmperor Chief has given the rights to elections of municipal governments to placate the beleaguered people.

They aided Adronika in taking control of the Drakath Swarm. Is now in a secret alliance with the newly formed Swarm.

They now have a Son, SIRE on their home planet, Ika-tra.

After the bombing of Ika-tra, only two million Ikaite remain nearly 40 percent of their population. A resounding racial call for vengeance has been called.


The City of Life


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