The ex-High Inquistor of the Ikaite


The High Inquisitor of the Ikaite Inquistion Service, he serves under Emperor Chief Cinnabar.


He convicted the opposition leader, Basalt of No Honor and No Blood, after his family was killed by a pirate raid on their way to the Iris Cluster to visit Iris-tra. His punishment was exile.


He is widely feared for being the Cinnabarian government’s watchful eye.

Was removed from his position and replaced by Senator Neous, but is still loyal to his Emperor and has bigger plans for him.

Survived the attack on Ika-tra City. He was organizing a resistance to destroy the dark energy monstrosities when the Response Team arrived. He helped them into the palace, and has since left the planet with them to assist in the Ikaite’s vengeance as much as he can.


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