The Head Captain of the Red Wards


Octavian is a member of The Red Wards a renowned mercenary group in Alliance space. He was raised by Marcus Becker from a young age and was subject to multiple “alterations” to make him a superior pilot and sniper.


The Red Wards were hired by the Alliance military and led the dog fighters in Bravo Squadron during the Battle of Vir, and fought on the ground side by side with Emperor Chief CinnabarCinnabar. His mentor died during this battle, and he was one of only three captains to survive.

Has been appointed to be the new Head Captain of the Red Wards on an interim basis. They expect him to prove himself if the position is to continue.

Recovered the Ichythus Detector and immunization samples on Runvin after an Ichythus Outbreak. Made a deal with the Ichythus Over Mind to keep secret it’s existence for the location of PRAXIS’ super lab.

Accepted a contract from the Drakath Swarm in the Drakarum system, convinced them to give them payment up front, then convinced Cinnabar to give him payment in order to betray them on his planned coup with Adronika. He kept his word, his Hornets turned on Calabrakus mid fight, and he manned a cargo lifter holding a starfighter packed with explosive in order to destroy Lothram Station and allow Cinnabar to land.

After discovering a rival mercenary group had discovered of his treachery with the Drakath Swarm and his aid in the rebellion he convinced their leader Chell to merge their companies under threat of destruction, and made him a Captain of the Red Wards removing Tusk from the position.

He went to Ika-tra after it was bombed discovering it was all a plot to destroy SIRE. When they found SIRE weakened and almost dying he volunteered to be his new host body thinking that he could become like Uro-HERALD a perfectly melded conciousness with unbelievable knowledge and power. SIRE overtook him though having no interest in this, leaving only behind the smallest remnants of Octavian’s personality, effectively killing him.


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