Lokai engineer



Infected with dark energy consequently he sees visions of his dead sister.

Assigned by the Assembly to go on a mission to retrieve the Pale Horse from the Verox.

EDGE met him at Home’s End telling him that the Alliance is being decieved and that the real threat is on the Drakath homeworld, Drakarum. According to EDGE, the Drakath have been a puppet race for an AI named SIRE since before they reached space flight. It was SIRE who orchestrated the Drakath bringing down the Adronikos Empire, making them the most advanced of the organic races, and SIRE who orchestrated the downfall of the Valkons through the manipulation of the Verox. The Verox were thought destroyed but rebuilt themselves and returned in 1370 CE to retaliate against SIRE, this was The War of Survival, they now return to stop SIRE from his continued manipulations by destroying him on Drakarum. He ended up never getting back to EDGE to tell him that he was not joining him to destroy SIRE.

He recruited Swarm Commander Jabraxal promising him the destruction of the Lokai Assembly of the Elite for the mission. He brought along PHIL, and promised Guardian the upliftment and relocation of the Solatus in exchange for his help in the mission.

Successfully retrieved the Pale Mare from Forward Installation 343 and gave it to the Alliance. He retired from service to deal with his mental illness and to finally rest.

During his recuperation he was contacted by Calabrakus the new Drakath Swarm Commander and was told to fufill his promise and destroy the Assembly of the Elite. Hel’con contacted his ally, Dok’lis and told him of the plot, and to beware.

He stopped a ploy to assassinate Cinnabar during the inauguration and captured the assassin.

A swarm of nanites self destructed in his shuttle almost killing him and his allies.

He agreed to investigate The Cube for Chenzhenivakay, and gave it to The Conclave to study.

He headed off to Vir to meet with the Assembly of the Elite, on the way he was ambushed by a nanite swarm stored inside the ship and it crashed into an asteroid.

While repairing his ship, he was captured by members of Occipito’s Reach, a Search and Rescue vessel attacked and he managed to convince one of the terrorist’s to help him escape in exchange for his life.

He oversaw the prisoner transfer, and helped repel a rescue mission.

He interfaced with The Cube, getting past the decoy VI, and finding Uro-Herald and telling him that he will help him rediscover his memories.

During a fight with Morphics he fell off a shuttle and shattered his legs, and was saved by Doctor Ru Zil.


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