Dr Ru Zil

Military Doctor and Commander in the Alliance Military


Like most Veratoss, Zil grew up with a thirst for knowledge and understanding. As his life progressed, he came to specialize in the field of medicine and biology, studying the myriad of species that joined the Alliance, and soon became a notable member in his field. His passion for biology eventually led him to be part of many research groups, focused on creating newer, better forms of triage and treatment.

Over the years, as he helped develop and accelerate the medical processes he found that lab work, while important, was not enough to further the field. As his notoriety grew, he ventured out with Alliance platoons and corps units and became known for his dedication on the field, often helping hold important landmarks and treating soldier who were injured on the front lines.

While he is certainly known as a good doctor, he is been known to waive awards and praise, allowing others to vault over him and take the spotlight, simply stating that “doing the work is it’s own reward” and moving on to the next patient.

A few years ago, during a deployment to aid the wounded of a Drakath overtaking, he was critically shot while trying to stabilize a wounded soldier, and as a result was evac’d from the planet in question. While it took a long time to heal from his wounds (which left him with a limp, and removed him from service) he used the time to become familiar with a few firearms and other armaments, so that should he have to, he could aid those he treated in a more direct method.

Recently, after the reappearance of the Unival and the coming war with the Drakath, he managed to re-enlist with the Alliance, and help aid those injured in the battle above Vega I. Verox

When the Unival and Alliance fleets were destroyed, his team managed to evac from the main host, and crash land on the planet’s surface. Unforutantelty, due to a lack of proffesional piloting skills the landing was rough, causing many of the team to die as a result. The survivors managed to hang on however, and survive on the surface, waiting for the oppoutunity to re-connect with the Alliance.

Invented the medical nano-tech “Space Band Aids” and sold it to the Lis Pharmaceuticals in exchange for shares in the company.

Went to Pravesh and lifted a Unival occupation, letting the captured Paragon Purity free, and making a joint effort between the Veratoss and the Unival to cure the Ichythus Plague.

Was assigned a mission along with the rest of the Response Team to recover the Pale Mare from the Verox. He assigned his old commanding officer, Admiral Sachar to bring The Path to Honor with them. He swore into The Order in order for Ofaar to come and he promised the retrieval of all the classified Alabosh intel so Purity would come as well.

Retrieved the Pale Horse but had to leave Ofaar behind so he could reprogram the Verox’s base code and give him enough time to escape.

After giving the Pale Horse to the Assembly he returned to active duty in the Alliance Military and was promoted to the rank of Commander and given his own command.

During a meeting of the board for Lis Pharmaceuticals he refused Ma’kel’s offer to give the ownership of Space Band Aids to the company.

Oversaw the prisoner transfer they came under attack by a rescue party which he helped repel. He boarded the ship, and recaptured it.

Arriving on Ika-tra while being attended at the hospital he was questioned by Agent Grundy about the death of Ambassador Plipphit. The good doctor admitted that he had a meeting with the Ambassador during the day of his death, and that he had no alibi.

During a mission on Ika-tra against the Morphic Party he saved both Agent Grundy and Hel’con from capture.

Has agreed to help Phy’Is with stopping Ma’Kel’s plans for Lis Pharmaceuticals and has discovered that Ma is storing armaments made by ’Ou Robotics on the Pherus System. Went to Surazar, met the acquaintance of Hi Ba, plugged The Cube in, and found that the Tower was still operational and being used by another. He tried to trace the user but was interrupted when he was almost expunged from the Tower after it vented only to be saved by Cinnabar.

Met with Phy’Is and Dok’Lis where he showed proof of Ma’Kel’s illicit dealings. Dok’Lis agreed to speak with Ma’Kel and confront him of these issues and be more wary of him in the future. While leaving he discovered that he was being followed by some Olpherian agents, he confronted them and discovered there was a kill order out for him. He let the agents go, and went to I-4010 to track the Unival ship that went missing. He found the ship abandoned, and tracked the captain’s signal to an abandoned mining base. Assaulting the base, he found captured Veratoss using an alien device to alter the genes of the Olpherians. After killing most of the Olpherians, and taking one prisoner, he tried to save the one remaining Olpherian plugged into the device, failing that the Olpherian went berserk mutating, and ran away, attacking the mining colony on the planet. Ru Zil tended to the wounded there and went off planet.

While on the way to Adron IV he interrogated the captured Olpherian. The Olpherian revealed that there were standing orders for the termination of Ru Zil by the Olpherian High Command. The prisoner told them that Ru was disdained because he freed the mass murderer of the Olpherians of Pravesh free, Paragon Purity.

After a night out with Hi Ba, he was almost assassinated by Occipito’s Reach assassins. He escaped but Hi Ba died.

After Dok’Lis turned his back on the Alliance and decided to take his company out of their exclusive trade deal, Ru Zil has pulled his product out and left the company. He has been told to expect lawyers.

Has been charged with over 130 charge from the Lis Pharmaceuticals, and his bank accounts frozen. He has received legal aid from the Alliance military in exchange for the formula to Space Band Aids. He was arrested for treason by the VIS for killing Ambassador Plippht, but escaped due to a rescue made by The Order.

Was brought into custody again after they came with an arrest warrant on the Sol Invictus. He confessed to being present at the murder of Ambassador Plipht. But lied, making a story up about being forced to assist him under duress. For this he was let free if he would agree to be monitored and tracked by the VIS in exchange for his freedom.

He went to seeDetective Fe’Rel who had investigated Ma’Kel and discovered his connection to Occipito’s Reach. The CEO of Lis Pharmaceuticals was being mind controlled by Occipito’s nanites. He also found mention of a plan called Black Web and asked Ru to investigate and stop it.

He headed back to Parliament to speak to the opposition in his legal case where met his legal defense Captain Doc Leeson. There he was offered a plea deal by Lis Pharmaceuticals to hand back his patent and offered permanent employment which he declined.

Has begun investigating Black Web, he convinced his VIS handler Syn to investigate the Lokai’s head government, the Assembly of the Elite, and their gathering on Vir. While Ru Zil has investigated Occipito’s Reach’s connection to ’Ou Robotics and has discovered that the company has been shipping an exorbitant amount of hardware to the core worlds, and has found a design for a new kind of nanite.

He helped Cinnabar with the problem of his ships disappearing in the Hades Cluster. He identified that parts of the ships that had gone missing were hit by ion blasts to disable them. Suspecting the nearby Verox they went through their Phase Gate and found the wreckage of the ships but no signs of the crew. They were seen during their escape, but managed to high tail it out of there. Ru Zil planted a modified beacon in synchronous orbit with the gate to attach to the first ship that exited it so it could be tracked.

Recovered the Ichythus Detector and immunization samples on Runvin after an Ichythus Outbreak. Made a deal with the Ichythus Over Mind to keep secret it’s existence for the location of PRAXIS’ super lab.

Commanded an armada of Drakath and Olpherian cruisers during the Drakath coup. While traversing the radiation belt he lost most of the Olpherian cruisers.

Decapitated the Queen of the Drakath with his shotgun. Convinced the new Queen Adronika to spare SIRE’s life, and let him go to Ika-tra under an accompaniment of Drakath guards.

Attended a meeting with Syn at the Cracked Shell Brewery where she ordered him to plant a listening device on SIRE so the VIS could monitor any communications he had with Cinnabar. Assaulted PRAXIS Super Lab euthanizing forty modified Ravarsi that were under PRAXIS’ control. While interacting with the ship’s conciousness he killed the protector of the ship, WHISPER.

He went down to the planet Anemi IV, where he found Keelik and his Live Ship brethren. There he freed Keelik from dream space convincing him away from pacifism, and killed the beast that kept the rest of the Live Ships on the planet freeing thousands of Live Ships from being PRAXIS’ servants. Chenzhenivakay took a mortal wound from the beast and Ru used his PRAXIS device to revive him. He escaped the planet in Keelik, returning to Parliament with this new Live Ship as an ally.

Met with Kor Soor, the director of the VIS, and suggested housing Uro-HERALD in the old Conclave housing systems. Kor Soor would have to vet the AI before he could allow such unrestricted access.

He convinced Keelik to allow Kima and the Research Division to study his slip space organ after promising there would be no warships that approached him, and he would be kept a safe distance from the fighting.

Went to Ika-tra after it was bombed, discovered that it was all a ploy by PRAXIS to destroy SIRE. He helped recover a slip space drive from the bomb and with Kima’s help used to track the origin point of PRAXIS’ staging ground in the Thanos Nebula where the Response Team ordered the Drakath Swarm to surprise attack them.

Dr Ru Zil

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