The Drakath Swarm Commander


Calabarakus has served in the Drakath Swarm for fifteen years, and until recently commanded the Mercy Swarm. He spearheaded the attack on many Lokai systems, and was Swarm Commander Jabraxal’s rear guard at the Battle of Vega.

Since the death of Jabraxal, and the continuing losses at the War of Ascendancy the Queen has appointed Calabrakus as the new Swarm Commander.


Approached Hel’con to fulfil his promise to the Drakath Hive and deal with The Assembly of the Elite.

Has been sending strike teams and small freighters to bomb and destroy critical Tri-wek resupply stations and civilian supply lines.

Was on his flagship The Apex when Adronika’s armada arrived to take over the government. He defended Drakarum but lost.

He was captured by a boarding party that assaulted The Apex. After Adronika took power he was dragged before Emperor Chief Cinnabar who planned the assault. As a reward for his success he got to decide Cal’s fate, in which he chose for him to continue commanding fleets under Ikaite rule.


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