Sol's Exodus

What You Love Will Be Lost


Ru Zil met with Kor Soor to discuss the possibility of Uro-HERALD being hosted in The Conclave’s old housing system. Kor worried that the Son would have unrestricted access to the Alliance’s BAND-Net would have to vet the synthetic before they could begin considering it.

Kima, now the head of the task force to stop the Dark Suns, asked for the opportunity to study Keelik and his slip space drive. They convinced Keelik that Kima and her team are trustworthy, and promised that there would be no warships near him at any time.

Octavian met withGrey Wolf, the recruitment numbers are up for the Red Wards, contracts and money were flowing in. A problem had arisen though, the mercenary group The Blue Coats and their leader Chell had learned that Octavian had betrayed his contract during the Drakath Coup, and that he was originally employed by the Swarm.

Octavian met with Wolf’s contact Coss, an exiled member of The Blue Coats. Coss an addict to rube an illegal street drug, was beaten up by Octavian after he wanted to be paid before he set up a meeting with Chell.

Scheduling a meeting over the BAND-Net, Chell believed he was meeting a potential client. Octavian threatened to destroy Chell’s company if he screwed with him, and they came to an arrangement to merge the two companies placing Chell in a leadership position replacing Tusk.

The Response Team went to Ika’tra to investigate the bomb attack. There they found the world in chaos as they reeled from the devastation from their capital being destroyed. The Ploth strip mining that delved deep into the crust of the planet had caved in even though it was across the world from the attack at the city.

Cinnabar picked up a recorded distress call from Slash-Punch detailing that he was organizing a resistance from the Dark Energy monstrosities that were on the planet. They took their shuttles down to the coordinates of his distress call. A small force of beleaguered Ikaite were waiting below excited to see their leader’s return they relayed the events of what happened.

An explosion went off in the inner city. Soon after, those aliens did not die had gone insane and began murdering those who survived with telekinetics. These monstrosities rally and become more controlled under the influence of the Dark Energy Beasts of PRAXIS’ design. Slash-Punch had gone out to search for more survivors, and survey the Palace, as a large congregation of them had gathered there.

The Team went off to find Slash-Punch, and found him after dealing with some monstrosities rampaging through the streets. Slash-Punch relayed that the Beasts were leading the monstrosities into the Palace. Cinnabar surmised that they were trying to get to SIRE, in order to destroy him.

Using Slash-Punch’s knowledge of the palace they decided to try to get to the secret tunnels inside the palace. The entrance to these tunnels were at the newly erected slums in which after the attack had been put up into a blaze.

Running through the blaze of buildings, and continually being assaulted by a horde of monstrosities, they barely made it inside before they were overwhelmed.

They sneaked through the broken hallways of Cinnabar’s once illustrious palace, and found the monstrosities assaulting the huge security door to SIRE’s hosting room. They killed them, and were welcomed inside by a dying SIRE.

SIRE relayed that a hulking monster led these beasts inside the palace via slip space tunnel. The bomb came in separately inside the Senate chamber and SIRE would not have had the time to protect himself from the explosion if Dovan had not heroically sacrificed himself to attack the leader clawing him across the face.

SIRE was all together too weakened to live much longer, and needed a new host in order to survive properly. Octavian offered himself up thinking to get more power and knowledge than he had before. Yet, SIRE was not Uro-HERALD where he wanted to create a symbiosis between organic and synthetic, SIRE wanted control. He forced Octavian to be a mere whisper in the back of his head, while SIRE had dominant control.

Ru ZIl received orders to plant the listening device on SIRE that would also serve as a tracker so the VIS could keep tabs on him at all times.

SIRE directed the team to go to the Senate chamber so they could possibly recover the Slip Space Drive. They fought their way through the monstrosities and beasts, and managed to find a leaking drive. Getting pick up, Ru Zil refused to let SIRE on his ship unless he could do a full physical on him. SIRE refused and directed an Alliance search and rescue to take him to Parliament.

Going directly to Keelik where the Research Division was studying his slip space drive. They asked Kima to take a look at the slip space drive. Kima had discovered an interesting fact about long range slip space drive, there always had to be a tethering point in order to travel, or else the user would risk losing themselves between universes. She offered to trace the origin point of the drive’s last tunnel, or she could use it for her research and build a few drives for their ships. The Team decided to use the drive as a trans locator, tracing the travel point to the Thanos Nebula where there were four of PRAXIS’ fleets waiting to assault.

The Team decided to use the Drakath Fleet on a surprise attack on the fleets. As Surieka preps the Apex and his battle groups for battle, the onset to war has begun, maybe even the final war for every species in the Milky Way.



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