Sol's Exodus

No Mercy for Tyrants


The combined armies of the Ikaite Horde, Drakath Swarm and Olpherian Exiles landed on Drakarum to end the Queen’s rule once and for all. Cinnabar and Ru made their way to the Citadel, while Octavian and Chen ensured the space battle continued successfully.

Fighting their way into the Citadel the Response Team and the Dark Guard battled past the Queen’s soldiers and SIRE’s android advisor to the Queen. The Queen’s Throne built against attacks of assassin’s was no match for Ru as he charged forward decapitating the with a blast from his shotgun.

Adronika arrived to the planet declaring herself Queen of the Drakath, and rightful commander of the Swarm. She returned the Fiate Zone to the Olpherians.

As her first order of business Calabrakus was brought forward in chains, and as a gift for their help Cinnabar and Ru were given choice onto his fate. Cinnabar, always the pragmatist, decided to keep him around as a commander.

Next Adronika convened with SIRE intending to execute The Son. Ru convinced her out of it, agreeing that as long as the Drakath had guard on the AI’s containment unit the Team could take him where they pleased.

Cinnabar spoke Adronika about keeping their intended union with the Alliance a secret, as PRAXISintends to attack if they find the civilizations united against their cause.

As they left Cinnabar convened with General Kar who was grateful for the return of his homeland to his people’s hands. Kar regretfully told Cinnabar that due to the losses in the radiation belt he would be unable to commit ships to any future endeavors but his bio-engineered shock troops were still available for military use, and promised to end his feud with Ru Zil.

Cinnabar decided to take SIRE to I ka-tra where he housed The Son in the VI hosting services building. He convinced SIRE to help him under the conditions that as long as he helped he would live, but if he betrayed them he would let Uro-Herald absorb him into his consciousness.

SIRE relieved himself of multiple important factoids:

  • When the Verox first attacked he convinced the Drakath to intervene little did he know at the time that the Verox wanted to destroy PRAXIS as much as him, although they recognized PRAXIS as a manipulative synthetic residing at Parliament never realizing his true purpose.
  • When the Drakath joined the Alliance he tried to assassinate PRAXIS through the Drakath, but when that failed, he made sure it was near impossible to get any of PRAXIS’ agents near him by encouraging isolationist practices combined with militaristic imperialism among the Drakath Queens.
  • Concerning the Dark Sun Crisis, SIRE was PRAXIS’ assistant and helped in the planning of it. * SIRE managed to gather some intel on PRAXIS’ activities over the last year: When the Alliance learned of the Dark Suns existence PRAXIS used the Solatus as a distraction in order to frame the Verox for Dark Sun, and plant the intel of them possessing the Pale Horse Plans so the Alliance would send a team to retrieve it from one of the Verox Outposts.
  • From then on it was just manipulation of Ru, Cinnabar and Hel’con to “retrieve” the plans. He had already placed a trigger in the Verox code to control them back in the Valkon Era, merely using JARVIS as a transmitter to activate this code, and send the Pale Horse plans for the team to pick up, so the Alliance would immediately begin construction.
  • He originally attempted to eliminate Ru, Hel, and Cinnabar but failing in that, he used the Conclave’s familiarity with them to take control of the Baetylus and expediting his plans.
  • As he helped design the Baetylus he knows that the device is a conduit to spread the dark energy, in order for that to happen he has to amass that energy to the device. He told the Team to expect a large dark energy influx to the Baetylus when it is fully operational.

SIRE gave the last coordinates for The Origin Point the base where The Sons worked out of for millennium before any space age civilizations came about.



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