Created by the Valkon Empire, the Verox were a synthetic servant race for the inventor race. The Verox ended the reign of the Valkon Empire when they rebelled and destroyed their masters. The Verox seemed to have disappeared after that only reappearing during the inception of the Universal Alliance.

In 1390 CE, the Kreitosh, Veratoss and Olpherian are the only member species of the Alliance. The Verox return and beginning warring with the Alliance, this war is called The War of Survival. The Verox were winning the war almost capturing the Alliance’s capital, Parliament until the Drakath joined the war effort and pushed them to the edges of dark space and sealing them from any access to Phase Gates.

They have recently returned making it clear they mean no harm to organics.


  • After the discovery of the Dark Sun Crisis the Assembly and the Drakath saw them as the only reasonable culprit.
  • A diplomatic envoy was sent to Installation 343 to discuss a possible alliance with the Verox they had no interest in involving themselves with the Alliance.
  • While on Plagus III, the Response Team encountered EDGE and his team of Verox who were investigating the disappearance of one of their scout ships that was disabled and crashed when a dark energy wave hit it. The Verox captured a rogue AI, and helped the Response team escape the planet.
  • The Verox came under attack when the Response Team assaulted Forward Installation 343 retrieving the Pale Horse. During the assault the installation’s Verox were also reprogrammed by Ofaar.


Appears to be under the influence of PRAXIS and have captured the Baetylus super weapon, and attacked the Alliance’s core planet, Parliament essentially declaring war on the galactic coalition.

A section of the Verox, the Peace Keepers, influenced by the consciousness of Ofaar when he melded his body into their mainframe made their mission in inflicting peace upon the galaxy. They achieve this goal by disabling and dismantling any war ships found in violent conflicts. Ru Zil convinced them to focus on stopping the ultimate violent threat, PRAXIS, and work with the Alliance on this front.


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