Cnidaria bipeds hailing from the watery planet Roshan, the Veratoss bone structure is solid membrane that forms their skeletal structure, they have translucent skin with seemingly glowing nervous system. The Veratoss inner body temperature is extremely hot compared to other organics and if threatened or angered its skin can burn at the touch. A Veratoss’ life span ranges from 40 to 50 years when they approach the end of their life span they begin to grow so hot that they burn themselves out frying their membrane skeletal system.

Veratoss reproduce while submerged underwater females push their egg out of their mouth and into the water and the male fertilizes the egg then either partner can insert the into their arm pit to grow until ready to hatch, or they can leave it in the water to grow naturally and eventually hatch though this requires it be located near a large heat source (eg. volcano). Many Veratoss planets have spawn zones where they can leave the egg unattended and it will be monitored day and night by VIs

Largely considered the leaders of the scientific community their representatives lead the Alliance Research Division and the Veratoss Information Service.

The Veratoss high governmental system comprises of elected officials through the educational system. Each school elects an Expert of All which forms the Heulog a council of experts that decide on the important decisions in Veratoss space.

The Veratoss are one of the founding members of the Alliance, and hence have been sitting on the Assembly since the beginning.

The Veratoss fund most of the observational posts throughout the galaxy, and fill in the gaps of the navy that the Kreitosh, Ravarsi and Humans can’t.


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