A race of massive luminescent bipeds native to the world Valtaris, the Unival are a mysterious species that chose to isolate themselves from the rest of galactic society eight hundred years ago after a plague, and have just recently made contact with the Alliance once again. Most Univals that are seen out of their home territories are either soldiers or ambassadors, the larger aspects of the Unival are held secret from prying eyes.


The Unival stand twice as tall as your average human and are extremely muscular but slower moving. Under heavy light their skin turns translucent and their extremely dense bones can be seen by the naked eye, otherwise their skin is a pale grey hue.

The Unival used to be afflicted by the Icythus Plague that adapted and developed to their unique DNA structure and almost wiped out their whole species. After a cure was failed to be found, and finding that the plague could attach itself to all organic species but remain unharmful only to infect and kill a Unival that organic came into contact with days after.

Unival biology seems to have changed drastically from records 800 hundred years ago before they went on their self imposed exile. The reason for this remains unknown, but could have something to do with the Icythus Plague that almost exterminated their race.


(1400 CE) The Unival came into contact with the Alliance at the peak of their Empire, agreeing to join this collection of other species and became the fourth species to join shortly before the Targin. The Unival were prosperous members of this collection and assisted the Veratoss with scientific pursuits while also holding a sizeable force in the Alliance Navy.

(1950 CE) An ailment termed the Icythus Plague begins to infect and kill the Unival population. Unival turns all efforts towards biological research, and development of a cure for the disease but everytime the disease is seemingly cured it adapts and continues. The Alliance sends aid in the form of Veratoss scientists but it soon discovered that the plague attaches itself to non-Univals as carriers and then infect a whole uninfected Unival population off that one carrier.

(1980) After over four hundred years of membership the Alliance, the Unival enter a self imposed exile, and deems that any non-Unival ships that enter their space will be destroyed.


Not much is known about current Unival culture, other then their cultural view is that each Unival is equal and a tool of society’s will. From there the Univals elect “Exemplars” that represent facets of their culture, whether it be War, Justice or even concepts of Hope.

Unival space used to comprise of many different species including some Veratoss, and Lokai worlds that wished to be part of the Unival Collective. There are no records of these species on their worlds whether they were exiled or exterminated it is not known.

Current Events

The Unival seem to be pushing out of the Quarantine Zone in order to test their cures for the Icythus Plague.


The Unival have continued to push out of the Quarantine Zone and begun taking neutral systems for their own. All of these systems have been unaffiliated colonies so there have been no retaliation from their home systems.

Suffering from an Ichythus Outbreak the Unival have looked to the Paragon Purity to contain and eliminate the remaining threat of infection.


The City of Life


Sol's Exodus Atlas