A race of bipeds, the Triweks have a bark-like quality to their skin because of their multiple layers of skin that build on top of each other.

The Triweks come from the planet Wik and spread out faster then most other species of their time. Originally ruled by a capitalist democracy, an entrepeneur, Ethosid claiming to be angered by being ruled by a government so far away rose up in revolt. Under the banner of freedom the Triweks threw their democracy down turning their homeworld into a radioactive ruin, and at the end of the battle Ethosid declared himself Merchant King.

The people quickly killed him, and in it’s place the Triweks divided their empire into 9 regions of space ruled each by a Merchant Prince in honor of their fallen ill-intentioned leader. The line of Merchant Princes is erratic mostly hereditary sometimes appointed.

The Triwek governments do not focus on diplomacy or the art of war but instead on taking opportunities. When an enemy looks to be at a disadvantage they plunder it for all it’s worth. They have never received an invitation to the Alliance.

During 2206 they made an alliance with the Ikaite, agreeing to lend ships, materials, and scientific personnel in exchange for troops and military protection. A few months later the Lokai-Drakath Alliance declared war.


Their war with the Drakath have been going well and have deemed this the War of Ascendancy.

The Triwikian Princes have rallied behind Prince Lucerni deeming him “Most Superior of the Princes” until the time the war is done.


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