The War of Survival

The War of Survival began in 1300 CE and was the conflict between the Verox and the Universal Alliance at that team which constituted the Kreitosh, Veratoss, and Olpherian.

The start of the war was very quick and confusing for the Alliance, a Verox freighter initially entered Parliament space unhindered opening a wormhole over the planet. The planet security immediately went on high alert and ordered the Verox to identify themselves, they did not respond and the freighter was shot down.

A week later Verox battle fleets began guerrilla warfare strikes against border systems. With the technology to create wormholes without the use of Phase Gates the Alliance planets were extremely open to surprise attacks.

When the Verox sweeped through a system they would reprogram any VI or AI they encountered along the way. Unable to predict their fleet locations, the Alliance sent out AI scout ships throughout the galaxy and it would send out a quantum entanglement communication to Alliance military command of it’s location. The Fleets could then surprise attack, and engage the Verox fleets not fully prepared for combat.

The war continued for 53 years as the Verox drained the Alliance’s resources and will to fight. They executed a surgical attack into Parliament in order to cut the head off the snake. At the Battle of Parliament, the Alliance were taken completely unawares and their surrounding defenses were completely overwhelmed. Just before all was lost, the Drakath came in and pushed the Verox out securing themselves a favorable position in the Alliance.

Now with the military might of the Drakath on their side, they pushed out and slowly but effectively pushed the Verox to edge of the galaxy, as they made their last retreat into a system with no gate, and too far away to be effectively short-jumped the Alliance sealed the gate behind them. The war officially ended in 1385 CE.

With their victory the Drakath were made part of the Assembly, and sword of the Alliance. The Ploth then came in with the reconstruction efforts after the war, pouring trillions into healing the devastated planets, and equalized the economy. For that they earned themselves membership, and a fifteen years later an Assembly seat.

The War of Survival

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