The Universal Alliance

The Alliance is a collection of species that have allied with each other for mutual prosperity and peace. Any member of the Alliance is subject to Alliance Law, and must commit troops and ships to patrol their borders.


The Alliance was founded by the Kreitosh and the Veratoss over the skies of Parliament believed to be one of the worlds of the Valkon. The Kreitosh discovered a governing body along with the Veratoss on the ancient planet. Two hundreds year pass as the Alliance expands until they discover the Olpherians who initially are hostile to the Alliance agree to join them after twenty years of isolation and contemplation. The Ploth encounter the Alliance but deny the Alliance’s request to join them deeming it a risk to trade.

Creation of the Assembly

After the Olpherians join the Kreitosh and Veratoss create the Assembly. In Alliance government each member species can vote on a decision but only those who are members of the Assembly have the ability to veto this decision.

Three hundred years pass and the Unival and Targin join the Alliance.

The Drakath Mistake

Around 1300 CE the Drakath surprise attack the Olpherian home system thinking them alone. The Olpherian fleet is almost all destroyed until the Alliance First Fleet arrived and drove the Drakath back. Over the course of the year the Drakath sent an ambassador to Parliament with interest to join the Alliance. With Olpherian outcry to destroy the aggressors, the Kreitosh did not allow the Drakath to join the Alliance and benefit for killing thousands of Olpherians.

The Verox War, the Drakath, and Ploth

Around 1370 CE, the Verox an extremely advanced synthetic race created by the ancient Valkon entered known space. The Verox intiated a large scale war on Alliance space, the synthetics leaders denied any diplomacy.

A turning point in the war occurred when the Verox were bombarding the Home system of Parliament. The Drakath intervened and saved the center of galactic politics from occupation. The Drakath’s advanced technology and warrior culture to ruthlessly destroy their enemies enabled them to chase the Verox to the edge of the galaxy there they deactivated the phase gates back so the Verox would be stuck in dark space. By 1385 CE the Verox were believed trapped or extinct. As reward for their service the Drakath were made part of the Assembly and honoured as heroes of galaxy.

Untouched by the war the Ploth assisted in the rebuilding efforts of the war and joined the Alliance and the Kreitosh welcomed them as an Assembly species.

The Icythus Plague and the Unival Exile

A hundred years of peace pass, and a deadly plague called the Icythus Plague infects the Unival population. The Veratoss and Unival scientists work together to attempt to cure this plague but however they are unsuccessful. After billions of Unival die, the Alliance failed to find a cure for the ailing species. A group of Unival discovered that the other Alliance species can carry the plague on them, although harmless this could be brought on to Unival worlds that are unaffected by the disease.

After thirty years of cooperation to cure the disease, the Unival put themselves in exile. Passing one final law of the Alliance that it is illegal to enter Unival space without direct clearance from Unival authorities.

The Drakath Departure and Rebellion

The Alliance continued their time of peace and prosperity for another 300 years during such time the Drakath began petitioning for worlds to turn into hives. The Drakath requirement to reproduce was to create hive worlds in which the world would be turned into an acidic area in which the Drakath could burrow their larvae to grow and be fed off the nutrients in the soil.

The Alliance denied them, the Assembly did not take a stand against the action but the Olpherians united many of the Alliance species against the Drakath’s request. The Drakath’s need was deemed too short sighted for the overall well being of the universe and it’s inhabitants. After the fourth request in 210 years was denied and the Drakath ambassador left in an outrage.

After months of silence, the Drakath surprise attacked the Olpherian homeworld Fiate. The Alliance demanded that the Drakath stop all attacks. In response the Drakath formally removed themselves from the Assembly. The Alliance sent in their First Fleet to Fiate and was obliterated.

The Drakath entered full scale war with the Alliance and were quickly beating them back. While the Alliance outnumbered them, the Drakath possessed advanced technology and held the Olpherian home system hostage. The turning point in the war was when the Alliance made the first contact with the Ravarsi who agreed to help defend the galaxy against the Drakath. The war continued but with the help from their new found allies the Alliance held their borders.

The war continued for 170 years, until both sides agreed to a truce. The Drakath signed the treaty with the Alliance on Fiate called the Treaty of Fiate which deemed that the Drakath and the Alliance would hold the peace as long as the Drakath did not attack Alliance aligned worlds, and the Alliance kept away from Drakath affairs.

To supplement the loss of the Drakath’s military and security support, since 1925 CE the Ravarsi were inducted into the Alliance and made an Assembly species.

Humanity, Ikaite and the Return of the Unival

Around 2150 the Veratoss made first contact with humans and introduced them to the Alliance. The Ikaite were also discovered seventy years later, and were given space flight technology and Alliance membership in exchange for access to their hard metals and Fo deposits. The Unival also returned from their self imposed exile and have since made contact with the Alliance.

Military and Intelligence

The Alliance Fleets

The Alliance splits their Navy into Three Fleets. The First Fleet is largely comprised of dreadnoughtsin charge of major battles of strategic importance and defence of key areas. The Second Fleet is for assault missions and defense of planets under siege largely comprised of carriers and cruisers. The Third Fleet is an amassment of smaller cruisers, and freighters for quick hit and run attacks.

Most of the fleets are largely comprised of Ravarsi though the Ikaite now lend a large number of security personnel to ships. The fleets are able to patrol many phase gates in Alliance territory, and keep security personel on Parliament and some other key Alliance planets. The Capital Ship of the Fleets is the Path to Honor a ship jointly made by the Drakath and Veratoss during their period of cooperation.

Alliance Patrol Fleet

The Alliance Patrol Fleet is largely comprised of cruisers and freighters and it patrols the Arcturus nebula where Alliance space ends. This fleet is largely comprised of Veratoss and Kreitosh and their order of procedure is not to engage but merely flee and report of oncoming attacks.

Veratoss Intelligence Service

The VTS handles the intelligence gathering procedures run by the Alliance though offically seperate from the Alliance it does recruit special individuals from the Alliance species military.

The Alliance Reaquirement Group

The ARG is a once prominent organization that was in charge of reaquiring items or information for the Alliance. It’s missions are legendary, and all members backgrounds are classified. Since the retirement of Texas Bill it’s legendary member the group has dwindled in renown and have faded to the back of the galaxy’s mind.

Recent Developments


Welcomed the Ikaite into the Assembly after their participation in retrieving in the Pale Horse.


Built the Baetylus, and became under attack by the Verox. The Baetylus was captured by the AI constructs The Conclave, now revealed to be The Son PRAXIS. The Verox attacked Parliament, killing 142 members of the Alliance government including all of the Assembly excluding the Ikaite representative, Cinnabar.

A new Assembly was picked, and the Alliance government was reformed thanks to Alek Parliament’s new administrator and the Response Team’s efforts to stabilize Parliamentary space.

The Assembly denied requests from the Olpherian Homecoming to join their attack on Fiate.

Assembly Member Cinnabar has issued a request for the Olpherians to become members of the Assembly this Bill has received the backing of the Ravarsi.

The Alliance has entered a secret alliance with the Drakath trading information, and military resources in order to be better coordinated against PRAXIS.

The Universal Alliance

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