The Pale Horse

A blueprint of a super weapon recovered from the Verox that has the power to store and manipulate dark energy. It is considered the solution for Dark Sun Crisis.


Part of the blueprint of The Pale Horse was intercepted by JARVIS, during a mission in the Plagus system.

The Response Team lead a strike team to recover the Pale Horse from the Verox base Forward Installation 343. They were successful and the construction of this super weapon began by the Alliance.


The construction of the Pale Horse now called Baetylus is now almost complete.

The Conclave has been transported to the Baetylus to assist with construction and to pilot the ship.

The Conclave during the Battle for Baetylus was given full control of the super weapon and revealed itself to be PRAXIS, it stole the machine escaping through slip space, leaving the fleets disabled and unable to pursue.

The Pale Horse

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