The Cube

A cube device that seems to be a repository of knowledge made by an ancient civilization.


Was found by Urodotros, and was on his person when he slipped into a coma.

Hel’con gave it to the Conclave to study.

According to The Conclave it is a repository of knowledge from an ancient civilization.

Hel’con interfaced with the device and after disabling a VI program that was designed to teach all of galactic history in a 20 year period he found a backdoor where Uro-HERALD resided. He discovered that an AI consciousness, HERALD resided here and had no memories of what his purpose is. Urodotros came in and got trapped in here. A force came inside The Cube and was destroying everything forcing HERALD and Uro to merge minds in order to preserve each other.

Was plugged in to a data repository on Valkon City on Mars, restoring a part of itself.

The Cube

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