The reptilian explorer race has charted most of the known galaxy.


Adapted to the humid jungles and swamp lands of their home world of Gi the Targin are an evolved reptile biped that’s natural senses have honed to survive as master hunters. Most Targin have scaled skin tinted a green-yellow hue as natural camouflage in their native jungle environment, a wiry build, and large bulbulous eyes that allow them to see long distances, and sensitive “bee hive” ears that are extremely sensitive forcing most Targin to wear protective head gear while travelling outside their home system. They have a prehensile tail with a curved poisonous tip to incapacitate predators.


The Targin have been part of the Alliance around the time the Unival joined before the Verox Invasion. They have predominately stayed out of conflicts and stuck to their main industry of planet discovery and claims. This is the assumed reason why one of the longest member species of the Alliance has not been made an Assembly member.


The culture of the Targin derives and their hunter society and the worship of their three deities; Vakril, Bin and Whaas. Vakril is the Life Giver, worshiped in celebration of life, love, and achievement. Bin is The Hunter the petrant god of the hunt, the pursuit ofachievement, discovery, and good fortune. And Whaas is of the Shadow the events that mire one’s life in endings. Unlike many other species who abandoned religion for spirituality or atheism after the space age the majority of Targin still worship the Three Gods.


The government of the Targin Collective is largely a representative democracy but is mired by the corruption of special interest groups such as the exploration groups that wish to buy the best exploration rights and privileges.


The Military of Targin is largely absent only possessing the minimum requirement of military grade dreadnoughts and cruisers to commit to the Alliance Fleet. The Targin exploration groups that comprise most of the economy of the Collective employ faster freighters for faster exploration.


Have put forth official military backing to the Olpherian Homecoming.


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