A sect of Valkons who were in stasis awaiting to be awakened to crew a prototype spaceship on Plagus III had instead been changed into dark energy beings by AID when the planet was abandoned. Unlike The Changed they were given slow treatments of dark energy which their bodily accepted, no mutations or insanity was caused though their life span seems to have shortened.

They have more reliable matter manipulation abilities and have developed a more modern culture then their counter parts having developed gun powder weapons without the aid of their AI guardians.


The Solatus stand about six feet tall with long thin structure to their frame boasting huge shoulder pads that protect their sides and partially covering their large bulbulous heads. Their most definining feature is that under their grey skin is their visible vein network that gives off a purple glow.


Originally a species known as the Valkons, the Solatus were in stasis sleep on Plagus III when the dark energy waves hit, and disconnected them with the rest of their empire. The AI AID kept them asleep until a time when they would be reconnected with the rest of the empire where they could be awoken.

As hundreds of years passed and the world became more hostile with dark energy abominations cropping on the planet AID was ordered by the defense AI SHIELD to begin testing to see if they could make their own dark energy infused organics. Through the course of many tests including the deaths of over five hundred of the 1000 subjects the Solatus were created.

The Solatus expanded from the city pushing the Changed from the valley to the surrounding jungle, a large scale war has erupted in the area creating a no man’s land around the borders to the jungle where the Changed have try to push. Through this war the Solatus have reinvented gunpowder weapons akin to 20th century human hunters.


The Response Team took and destroyed all the AIs. The Fo Core overheated and the Solatus were forced to flee their home. Guardian took his people and led them out into the jungle, and made their new home at the crashed Verox ship.


Sol's Exodus Atlas