Plagus III

A dark energy irradiated jungle world in the Plagus system, third from the sun.

Contains The Changed and the Solatus.


A Verox ship crashed in the jungle, hit by a dark energy burst.

An Alliance explorer team arrived here, all MIA.

The Valkon city here which was ruled by a group of AIs, and the Solatus resided in was destroyed once the Response Team removed or destroyed every AI managing the Fo Core under the city.

After the Solatus fled the city they moved into the jungle warring with The Changed, they won and proved dominant over their genetic siblings. They built a city around the crashed Verox Orb on the planet.


The planet was assaulted by Drakath, Ravarsi and Ikaite armies led by Emperor Chief Cinnabar. The Solatus army was crushed, the city destroyed, and the civilian population captured for experimentation.

Plagus III

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