The Olpherians are a large furry quadped that were the third member species of the Universal Alliance. They lost their home planet and the majority of their surrounding systems in 2167 when the Treaty of Fiate was signed and was legally given to the Drakath.


Are spreading a grassroots movement to retake their homeworld, calling it the Olpherian Homecoming they decree that they will make the push with or without the Alliance.

Their cause was politically endorsed by an Assembly member, Cinnabar, Ambassador of the Ikaite.

After the attack on Parliament, Alek was given the responsibility of bringing order back to the Parliament worlds in return the Alliance would offer military support to the Homecoming.

Alek approached the Alliance government for help but only received the Targin’s support. Later Assembly Leader Cinnabar approached him telling him to call of the attack and informing him of a plan for a coup of the Drakath monarchy. With nominating the Olpherians to the Assembly General Kar took the Homecoming forces and united them with that of Adronika and Cinnabar’s.

During the coup, the Olpherian cruisers were lost in the radiation belt losing most of their military strength. The Moderation combined with the Drakath and Ikaite forces over took the defense fleets in the system.

After the successful Drakath coup, Adronika agreed to move all Drakath Fleets from the Fiate Zone, and remove all claims to those lands.


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