Occipito's Reach

A Lokai terrorist organization that is concerned with other species corrupting the Lokai’s goal to become technologically uplifted.

Used to be a political activist group formed by Har’ker a prominent aristocrat in the Assembly of the Elite. When the Drakath invasion occurred and the Lokai pushed for survival and possible peace, the activists turned to soldiers and started committing suicidal attacks against Drakath breeding grounds and refueling stations.

At the peace talks on Carpalas between the Lokai and Drakath they tried to blow up the summit, after that failed attempt tried to capture the Lokai ambassador Dok’lis also failing. Both were thwarted by Hel’con.

Occipito’s Reach has obtained The Obelisk a device that has upgraded their brains to control advanced nanites. They are planning to use these nanites to control the Assembly of the Elite through Dok’Lis. In exchange for this technology they plan to kill Hel’con.


Has been discovered that Occipito’s Reach has been developing mind control nanites with the help of ‘Ou Robotics. They have used these nanites to controlMa’Kel the CEO of Lis Pharmaceuticals.

Has been legitimized by the Lokai Commonwealth and cleared of all past crimes. It’s leader, Har’Ker has been made the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Occipito's Reach

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