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Response Team Members:

Current Members:

CinnabarIkaite Emperor Chief of the Ikaite
Dr Ru ZilVeratoss Combat Medic
Chenzhenivakay Ravarsi Proteriat
SIRE – A Son occupying Octavian’s body

Past Members:

SwoshPloth Science Officer- (KIA)
Cel’kaiLokai Cybernetics Expert- (KIA)
Macen Grey- Humann Lieutenant of the HFP (KIA)
Hauf Print- Targin Stealth and Reconnaissance Expert (KIA)
Hel’Con – Engineer, Retired Alliance Soldier
Solanum/Grundy Kreitosh VIS Agent- (Executed by the Universal Alliance for High Treason)
Octavian Drakath Mercenary

Species List:

Drakath Swarm
Unival Collective
Human Federation
Kreitosh Republic
Ploth Consortium
Veratoss Solarium
Ravarsi Dominion
Olpherian Exiled Government
The Tribal Collective of the Targin
The Ikaite Horde
The Lokai Commonwealth
The Triwikian Princedoms

Non-Species Factions:

Alliance News Network
Alliance Re-acquirement Group
Assembly of the Elite
Fiate Foundation
Targin Exploratory Division
The Order
The Red Howls
The Red Wards
The Sons
The Universal Alliance
Veratoss Intelligence Service

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