Lis Pharmeceuticals

A large pharmaceutical company that is owned by Dok’lis. One of it’s many products is that of the “Space Band Aid” a medical nano machine invented by Dr. Ru Zil a prominent board member and center of advertisements of the company.


Ma’kel joined the board.

Ma’Kel has been made the Acting CEO of Lis Pharmaceuticals while Dok’Lis pursues political avenues in the Assembly of the Elite.

A board member Phy’Is has committed suicide.

Dr. Ru Zil has left the company and taken his patent with him. The company can no longer produce their most popular product Space Band Aids legally.

The company has charged Ru Zil with over 130 fractures of the law including treason and unlawful harm.

They offered Ru Zil a plea deal giving him permanent employment as the marketing representative in exchange for the patent on Space Band Aids. He refused.

Lis Pharmeceuticals

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