Originating from the planet Hestia the Kreitosh are a parazoiac species that are able to duplicate the appearance of other organisms in their surroundings. Largely considered among the galactic community as natural diplomats, they along with the Veratoss founded the Alliance on Parliament.

The Kreitosh can live approximately a thousand years, their years are measured on how well they can duplicate other organisms. Over time older Kreitosh develop a hue to their duplications, and actually develop specific markers on their outer layer that can not be removed. In rare cases however older Kreitosh are unaffected and remain perfect duplicators.

The Kreitosh’s duplication abilities aren’t completely understood some believe that it is a matter of natural instinct each member of the species has, or that they have a limited form of ESP.

Since the dawn of the technological age on Hestia, and the ability to communicate and collect massive amounts of data instantly, the Kreitosh became a pure democracy. Believing that each member of their species has the responsibility to have their voice be heard and that having a representative for their political opinion is not doing their full duty as a citizen.

There are many tall tales throughout the galaxy of Kreitosh spies and sleeper agents in every corner of the galaxy, a stereotype the Kreitosh have been desperate to expel. Kreitosh worlds instead encourage career paths in trade and politics, and publicly make a scene of the Veratoss as the information brokers for their worlds.

The Kreitosh have long been the most well traveled of the Alliance species besides the Targin, commonly sending down diplomatic parties for first contact. Also their military presence is second only to the Ravarsi but while the Ravarsi Dynasty’s Navy brings many cruisers and dreadnoughts, the Kreitosh hold the most carriers in the fleet filled with ship to ship fighters.


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