Ichythus Plague

A plague designed by the Son VITA to infect the Otamic and dismantle their society. This plague was modified by PRAXIS to infect the Otamic’s genetic children the Unival.

The plague’s symptoms modify the brain functions of the Otamic making them act more like base animals. Their physiology adapts as well, the virus pumps thick black fluid through the infected’s system in order to control all functions. This black fluid can be visibly seen under the dermal skin layer.

At point of full infection the subject’s forearms mutate growing a secondary limb on each arm. These extra limbs have retractable scythes, the infected use these to attack those immune to the virus, or to cut open containment suits.

PRAXIS modified the virus again to create a hive mind consciousness to the infected, workable through Over Minds which act as a central node and collected consciousness for the hive mind.

Ichythus Plague

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