Humanity originating from the planet Earth is one of the newer species in the galactic community. They independently discovered FTL travel, and were introduced to the phase gates by the Veratoss.


Humankind first developed Fo Engines in 2038, and colonized their first planet in 2052. They sent many search teams into the galaxy wishing to make as much exploration as possible in a short amount of time. After a hundred years of being a space capable civilization the Veratoss directly contacted them. The Veratoss showed the phase gate technology to them. The humans previously thought them merely relics of an ancient civilization.


Human culture has not changed much since early 21st century. When introduced to alien cultures the colonies have become very insular and ensure that human culture maintains its “purity”. While Earth has quickly become a hub of galactic culture and art considered by many races as a “Poor Man’s Parliament”.


Humans are largely divided on many fronts and ail at trying to appear united to the rest of the galactic community. Earth remains largely divided, keeping the system of nations that have existed for hundreds of years. Also the colonies have been granted some independence allowed to have their own governance but are considered in the Federation of Earth. All of these interests are forced upon one representative the elected Human Ambassador


The Federation’s military remains to be one of the strongest in the galaxy primarily serving in the Second Fleet, and guarding home territories of their own. Earth’s navy has only participated in one major battle the Colony Rebellions which the navy quickly put down.


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