The Drakath are an expansionistic insectoid species. They commonly wear pressure suits because of their home-world’s ammonia based ecology. They are seen as an aggressive race because the Drakath need to terraform planets into “hive worlds” in order for them to reproduce. They are considered to have the most advanced technology out of all the other species, and are constantly advancing and developing technologies that boggle the minds of the Alliance’s own scientists.


The Drakath are a biped species with four arm-like appendages. They commonly are seen in pressurized suits due to their ammonia based ecology. The Drakath are unable to survive in carbon based environments, and their skin will blister and eventually split open if exposed to a carbon environment for too long.


First Contact

The Drakath first made contact with the Alliance by attacking the exposed Olpherian home-world. Though when the Alliance forces arrived they were surprised by the Drakath’s level of technology which far exceeded their own. The Alliance entered peace talks with the Drakath but were denied membership because of the Olpherian’s insistance.

The Verox War

Seventy years later the Alliance entered a war with the Verox Horde, an race of AI constructs attacked Alliance space. At the Battle of Parliament the Drakath saved the Alliance from certain doom and the Drakath pushed the Verox to the edges of the galaxy, and annihilated their city worlds.

After 15 years of fighting the Drakath are made part of the Assembly for their service and sacrifice during the war.

The Petition and the Drakath Rebellion

Hundreds of years later the Drakath began to petition the Alliance for more worlds to turn into hive worlds. They claim that because of their increased population that they needed more worlds to fertilize and the worlds that had already been converted had fully been dried up of their nutrient and no more larvae could be born there.

The Alliance denied their request, stating that all worlds owned by the Alliance are precious and billions of years of progress should not be undone for the needs of one species especially the process as irreversible as the hive process.

The Drakath attack the Olpherian homeworld, Fiate. The Alliance along with the other members of the Assembly order the Drakath to stand down but they refuse. The Alliance sends the First Fleet in, but is quickly obliterated by the superior Drakath force. The Drakath skirmish on the Alliance borders but the Alliance’s new allies the Ravarsi manage to hold the line. After over 30 years of unsuccessful attacks the Drakath and the Alliance make the Treaty of Fiate. This treaty dictates that as long as the Drakath are allowed to keep the Olpherian home-world without attack from the Alliance they will not attack and convert any other Alliance held worlds.

The Drakath remain a threat to the Alliance, and continue to attack and convert neutral held worlds stating they are only doing this because of their population needs.


The Drakath culture seems to encourage martial prowess, and the attainment of knowledge. Their culture seems to believe that a well trained mind is as much a lethal weapon, as a gun is in a soldier’s hands. Though the Drakath seem to have developed a xenophobic policy towards the rest of the galaxy they still hold their ancient beliefs in Drakath honor.

The Drakath honor code ‘The Drak’ dictates:

Those who would brandish a weapon on you shall pay death’s fee
Ignorance is a dishonor
Dishonor is death
Those who would strike down a defenceless enemy is a coward
Cowardice deserves death
This is the Self’s Code
Living with leads to an enlightened mind
Walking without means holding dishonour within oneself
Slaying a dishonorable brother is a kindness
For without the Drak, there can be no Drakath


The Drakath government appears to be compromised of appointed Swarm Representatives. Individuals are appointed by the Queen. There are two factions of the Drakath government the Swarm and the Voice. The Swarm serves as the Drakath’s militaristic division populated by the males of the species. The Voice handles its internal affairs and is directed by the females.


The Drakath are the most advanced military species in the Galaxy. Most of their technological advancements since the Alliance discovery of them has had military applications, and all of their ships including transports and civilian craft have military hardware installed. Though compared to other species the Drakath numbers are small due to the overall difficulty of their reproductive process.

The whole Drakath population are trained to be combatants for it would be considered dishonourable if they didn’t. The Drakath do not rely on VI or AI technology as much as the Alliance does however preferring a minimal of VI oversight in their systems, and preferring organics to operate both large and small space craft and land vehicles.

Current Events


Started invading Lokai territory taking the planet Carpalas hostage.

Won the Battle of Vega but was unable to recover Alabosh due to Alliance surprise attack.

Jabraxal was appointed Swarm Commander of the Drakath.


Top researcher in dark energy assassinated.

Signed peace treaty and defense pact with the Lokai. Lokai immediately declared war on the Triweks. Enter war with Lokai against the Triweks and the Ikaite.

Swarm Commander Jabraxal died on critical mission along with his flagship The Abhorrent.


War against Triwikian Princedoms have been going poorly. The Drakath are now losing systems.

A new Swarm Commander has been appointed, Calabrakus.

The Queen’s Voice Adronika has made a deal with Alliance Assembly Leader Cinnabar for peace with the Drakath on the condition that if he assists with a coup effort.

After an attack on the Lokai by the Ikaite, millions of ground troops were slaughtered by the Lokai troops. This was thought to be the result of the Ikaite- Triwek Alliance. After the election of Lokai Prime Minister Dok’Lis, and appointment of Minister Har’Ker the Drakath alliance has been dissolved and they have been exiled from Lokai space on threat of death.

Drakarum has been attacked by theQueen’s Voice Adronika’s armada in an attempt to usurp the current Queen.

A new Queen, Adronika has been appointed after the successful coup. She has agreed to an alliance with the Universal Alliance.

The Swarm’s fleet has been selected to surprise attack PRAXIS’ armadas in the Thanos Nebula.


The City of Life


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