The inner council of the Alliance who have the ability to veto any decision being passed by the Alliance member races.

The Assembly races are Kreitosh, Veratoss, Ploth, Ravarsi and Ikaite.


The Assembly and Conclave decided to send The Response Team to retrieve The Pale Horse from Verox space through any means necessary.

The Response Team was successful and they began construction on the super weapon. ’


The Assembly gave their new member, Cinnabar to be an envoy from the Assembly to the Olpherian Homecoming to quieten them down for the time being. Instead, Cinnabar elected to publicly endorse the Homecoming. This angered many Assembly members, and they are encouraging Cinnabar to be patient when dealing with the Drakath and that the Empire shall fall when they have dealt with their current difficulties.

During an assault on the capital the Verox killed most of the Assembly except Cinnabar.

A motion has been put forth byAssembly Member Cinnabar to make the Olpherians an Assembly member species.

They have agreed to an alliance with the Drakath.


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