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  • Macen Grey

    Macen Grey, part of the human special forces was on his way to Parliament on special assignment when the ship that was carrying him the Penance was attacked by a Drakath armada. Managing to escape to Tarvath, he met up with the resistance forces and …

  • Van Slyder

    The current [[Humans | Human Ambassador]] to [[The Universal Alliance | The Universal Alliance]]. Van Slyder had a successful career on the colony of [[Terra Nova]] encouraging trade with the Alliance races while keeping the core human values and …

  • Mathis

    Originally a human explorer working for the Federation of Earth he was trapped in an Otamic stasis pod during a cave in on [[Tarvath]]. A hundred years later he was rescued by an [[Alliance Re-aquirement Group]] Squad, and has since joined the ARG and …

  • Texas Bill

    Texas Bill is considered a legendary ARG agent, and hero to the Alliance. He has since retired to live his life in private.

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