Sol's Exodus

Self Actualizing

Leaving the General and his armies behind, the Sol Invictus went to Vir to attend the funeral of Phy’Is. On the way, Cinnabar was hailed by the newly promoted Tribune Slag, telling him that he has sent divisions of forces to attack certain Lokai and Drakath forces and they have gone missing both times only showing minuscule signs of wreckage and no great signs of battle. The Tribune asked his Emperor for him to send an investigator to deal with this.

Arriving on Vir, Cinnabar remained behind on the ship while Ru left to attend the funeral. Ru discovered from the widow that Phy committed suicide. He gave his condolences to her and promised any support that she needed. He looked for Dok’Lis who was not there, only to find Ma’Kel who was preparing to present Phy’Is’ eulogy. He expressed that Dok was busy preparing for an important congregation of the Assembly of the Elite and he could not be in attendance. Upon Ru Zil’s request, Ma promised to set up a meeting between him and Dok’Lis for the next day.

During Ma’s eulogy, Ru went over to speak to the two Vir Security Investigators at the edge of the gathering. Ru learned from Detective Fe’Rel that there was suspicious circumstances to the suicide. The security video within his apartment suite in which he killed himself appears to have been tampered with. There was also the matter of the unidentified sexual liaison that he was with a few minutes before he committed suicide.

Leaving the funeral he received a Band Net call from Hi Ba who was on Vir on business and they agreed to go out for dinner.

Meanwhile on the ship, Cinnabar and JARVIS played games of chess as JARVIS revealed to him that he has become fully actualized as an AI, and would understand if he would want it to be deactivated. Cinnabar told JARVIS he was fine with having an AI on board as long as it doesn’t become a problem.

After a wonderful evening where Ru regaled her with his knowledge of the biological processes of the Trivortian Ant he agreed to go back to her place. They took things to her pool bed when from out of the closet two assassins hoisting multi-barreled machine guns fused to their cybernetic limbs fired on him and Hi. Hi curled into a ball refusing to move, and Ru ran out of the room grabbing his protective lab coat on the way.

Injured but managing to make it to the elevator, he took it down to the first floor but realizing that there was gun fire coming from that floor he opened up the hatch and climbed to the second. Sneaking into another guest’s room he managed to grab clothes from him and scale down, getting JARVIS to hail a cab for him and alert the Vir Security Forces.

Managing to get a cab to the space port, Ru explained what happened to him to JARVIS and Cinnabar who were equally confused by how a night of love making turned into full out warfare in a hotel. Turning on the BandNET news the assassins apparently killed most of the staff and guests in the slaughter including Hi Ba and when the security forces arrived they liquefied their brains with nanites.

Waiting until the morning, Ru Zil went to meet with Dok’Lis. Ma’Kel had not actually scheduled a meeting and Dok was not expecting him. Sitting down with the CEO, Dok revealed that during his meeting with Ma’Kel enlightened him on the direction his company and his career had to take. He was shutting down all exclusive trade with the Alliance and instead opening trade with all galactic entities besides the Lokai’s enemies. He was also leaving the board for Ma’Kel’s management, while he got the Assembly of the Elite in order so they can recoup the losses the Lokai have suffered in this war, and start pushing the Triwikians out of their borders.

Ru decided to leave the company and take his patent on Space Band Aids with him. Dok’Lis promised that they would fight him on this and that he would never see his product in production anywhere else in his life time. He called Fe’Rel over the BandNET and gave him evidence on Ma’Kel’s storage of armaments.

Leaving Vir, the Commander and Emperor thought it best they deal with WHISPER in the Erim Quadrant. Going as far into the Galactic Core as possible they found a strange prism shaped space station orbiting in and out of the radiation zone.

Taking a shuttle and a small team inside the station they encountered strange experiments going on inside, and even stranger a live Otamic greeted them. The Otamic seemed to have had thousands of surgeries half of it’s body covered in scars while the other half was robotic. Calling himself Worm, the Otamic told them that it’s master had been expecting them. They asked this Worm who his master was and he explained that it was God itself.

They followed the slave deeper into the station and it stopped in front of a radiant door beckoning them to go through without him. Going inside, they found they were in the midst of a tropical forest at the edge of an ocean, which Ru Zil identified as an advanced holographic simulation, on the beach sat the AI WHISPER, it was made of chrome with one black eye with a white pupil, and one eye completely white. Beside him lay a three headed dog curled up around it’s feet.

WHISPER explained that the Sol Invictus had been expected, and that they would not be leaving this space station again, and their frigate would not survive. They learned that WHISPER had already had a copy of himself made so he would not die here but live on in his master’s plans. WHISPER’s responsibility was to facilitate targeted removals of certain high threat individuals in the galaxy, most of these operations were successful barring Cinnabar, and the ongoing failure of the attacks against Ru Zil and heHel’Con. WHISPER was a small piece of the plan, as his master PRAXIS had a plan to change all life in this galaxy forever, and to be immortalized as the greatest mind the Precursors ever created.

Ru Zil tried to convince WHISPER that PRAXIS was not flawless and that his plan could be stopped, he offered if he stopped this suicide attack he could show the flaws in his plan. WHISPER was entirely convinced in PRAXIS’ infallibility and decided to go down with the ship as it were. WHISPER showed them that two Verox Orb Class Frigates were approaching from the rubble around the space station to destroy them and the Sol Invictus.

Ru Zil watching how WHISPER controlled the ship’s sensors through the simulation surmised that WHISPER was connected to it neurally and going deeper into the simulation would in fact go deeper into WHISPER’s consciousness. While the simulation began ripping itself apart because of the attack Ru Zil opened a hole deeper inside jumping through with Cinnabar close behind.

On the other side a glass floor displayed the simultaneous destruction of three galactic civilizations the recorded success of PRAXIS’ experiments. On the floor sat three objects the Prism, the Tube, and the Obelisk. Cinnabar recognized the Tube as the container in which DELTA resided in.

Ru touched the Obelisk it’s influence wormed inside his mind showing him images of Lokai having mental control of advanced nanites, able to attach to one’s brain as receptors and control their actions. These Lokai bearing the crest of Occipito’s Reach, the Metallic Hand reaching towards the heavens, the same crest that the assassins wore on Vir. He saw an image of a great congregation of Lokai, and one standing in the center of all of them releasing a swarm to consume their minds and control them. Ru concentrated hard and managed to make out the puppet master’s face, Dok’Lis. The consequences of this became apparent in flashes as well, the Lokai becoming a xenophobic race slaughtering Triwikian, Ikaite, and Drakath who remained on their worlds, and leaving the galaxy to it’s own devices as PRAXIS enacts his plans.

Cinnabar touched the Prism seeing the alteration of hundreds of Olpherians, a gentle people become killing machines ready to enact vengeance. They attack Fiate, retaking their home world sparking a galactic conflict between the Alliance and the Drakath. Millions die in the first day as the two greatest civilizations become so distracted in conflict that they do nothing to stop PRAXIS’ plan.

WHISPER reappeared to explain it’s secondary objective, to embroil the galaxy in chaos so PRAXIS would become unstoppable by the time they realized the plan was in motion it would be too late.

Ru Zil forced himself deeper into the mainframe knowing before long WHISPER would be unable to touch him. Finding his way into the center of WHISPER, where thousands of copies of him computed around the center of his control represented in the simulation by a small golden orb on a pedestal. Ru Zil destroyed the orb, cutting off WHISPER and killing him.

Escaping the simulation, the station was still being attacked and JARVIS was repeatedly sending messages down to them alerting them of the attack by the two Verox vessels. He found their bodyguards dead. Ru Zil ordered Ana to not peruse the ships and await for his return. Cinnabar and Ru decided to take both alternate routes as they were unsure which way was right.

The station was being blown apart by the missile arrays and main laser battery of the Verox vessels. Ru managed to find a docking bay and ordered the shuttle pilot to track his location and come pick him up. Cinnabar on the other hand made it to where the ship was picked up before, and as the main laser battery caved the ship around him jumped out of the airlock with no hardsuit to protect him.

Thankfully, Cinnabar’s Ikaite physiology saved him from the vaccum long enough to be picked up by Ru’s shuttle. They docked in the Sol Invictus, and ordered his ship to go into the radiation zone and try to lose the two pursuers in the large amount of debris hoping that the radiation would disable the Verox before it disabled them. The frigate managed to evade them long enough to enact it’s stealth generator and fly back towards the Phase Gate leaving the Verox searching for them in the debris as their engines became disabled by the radiation.

Travelling back to Alliance space Commander Zil recieved two distress calls. One from Parliament and one from The Path to Honor. They learned that both Parliament and the Baetylus were under attack by Verox forces. They decided that the weapon that could save the galaxy was more important in the long run and headed towards the Vion Nebula to assist in any capacity.


Ru Zil was contacted by the Vir Security Forces informing him that Phy’Is had committed suicide. He was informed his funeral service would be in a few days.

Cinnabar took the team to Lavarum, a poor city on the eastern continent that he had conquered in the conquest of his planet a few years passed. Since the conquest, the city had degraded to the edge of stability. Up to now the city had relied on local mining to survive, but since the arrival of the Ploth that too has been taken away from them. Delegates of the Morphic Party come into the city and feed the poor starving people whilst raising support for their cause.

Using the coordinates provided by DELTA, he tracked the location of Trach’s hiding place to a compound in the city. A refurbished old Ikaite palace of the pre-space flight era, it’s walls rebuilt and turrets monitoring the outside they decided against the subtle approach. Instead, Grundy used the fanatic support of Trach against them, he disguised himself as the leader and convinced them that he had been beaten and ripped out of the compound.

A large crowd congregated and the spy led them to the compound’s gates all the while violence and looting cropped up on the rioter’s path. Ignoring the threats, the gates were pushed open as they began to slaughter the rioters. Rushing inside, the team began assaulting the guards and the defense emplacements while the rioters pooled inside.

The Bloodsworn and Trach came outside the palace. The Bloodsworn picked up Cinnabar and smashed his face against the ground bloodying him. The Bloodsworn was ready to finish him off, but Ru Zil intervened and healed his wounds with his nanitic healing bots. Cinnabar lifted the Bloodsworn up and threw him with his Cyber-Arms into a soldier shooting from the battlements. The Bloodsworn leapt from the top of the walls and charged at Cinnabar, but Ru Zil shot from inside the bushes his throat ripped open by the blast from his shotgun.

They cornered Trach, he refused to surrender and was willing to die for the memory of his family and all the others Cinnabar had killed. Cinnabar strangled him to death with his bare hands.

Lavarum was drowned in chaos, the riot they had started had spread to the whole city. Looting, and murder was rampant, children and woman lay dead on the streets. Cinnabar called in his reserve forces orbiting Ika-tra to come down and quell the chaos, restablish order, and rebuild, renaming the city, Cinnabaria.

High Inquisitor Neous, and Tribune Slag asked him what he intends to do with the Morphic base camps that remain as they will surely resort to more brutal forms of resistance as their major political, and economic powers were destroyed or taken from them. Cinnabar ordered that the reserves on Ika-tra take down the bases one by one, keeping their main force committed to the War of Ascendancy.

Getting back on the Sol Invictus, Ru Zil researched the Hamic Base that the captured Unival were taken to. He discovered it was an Olpherian Homecoming training base in the Hamic System under the command of General Kar.

Ru Zil asked Cinnabar to set up a meeting in person with Kar since he has political connections with the Homecoming’s leadership. Cinnabar agreed, and the Homecoming set up a meeting with him, asking him to go to the Hamic System to meet with the General.

Once arriving at the Hamic System, The Moderation an Alliance dreadnought, and Kar’s flagship hailed The Sol Invictus and welcomed them to dock with them. Going on to the ship unarmed, they were escorted to the CIC where they met General Kar.

Following Kar to the Captain’s Quarters, Grundy tried to read one of Kar’s security staff’s mind. He managed to get flashes of the resistance of Pravesh, and the bio augmentation that the soldier went through. The soldier detected these efforts and threatened to detain him for breaking several galactic information and freedoms laws. Kar ordered the soldier to stand down, and asked Cinnabar to leave his bodyguard outside as they discussed matters.

Kar welcomed them to sit down, as he poured them a glass of milk each. Cinnabar professed he had no business with the General, but that Dr. Ru Zil did. Kar admittedly knew the reason he was here, the assassination attempts on the doctor’s life. Stating that it was not personal, and was part of the agreement he gained certain technologies from a neutral party in exchange for the death of Ru Zil.

Ru Zil tried to convince the General that he was heading down a dark path, and he should reveal all he knows. Instead of confession, Kar tried to negotiate, in exchange for information and the halting of any operations on Ru’s life, and the anger and retaliation of the “neutral party”, the doctor would have to bring Paragon Purity and the rest of his team on BG-104 to help his continued effort to augment Olpherian soldier’s for their assault on Fiate.

Ru Zil morally against the operations, and unwilling to betray a friend and comrade, he refused. The General was grieved to hear this, and promised he would send more Olpherians to kill him and escorted Dr. Zil and his comrades off The Moderation.


The Response Team attacked the wolves. During the battle Cinnabar had the tendons on his leg ripped off, and was revived by Ru Zil with his advanced nanites. They killed the Alpha, making the other irradiated wolves in the pack flee in fear, and recovered the screamer which Ru Zil figured out could make the wolves run away or be drawn to the device.

Returning to the assembly line of the Factory, and talked to the Host-Bot. They learned that when the Drakath first landed on Adron IV during the War, a worker turned on a Phase Gate and ran through it. The robot assumed this worker died because the Gate was not officially documented to be going anywhere off planet.

Commander Zil called Lieutenant-Commander Ana to send down a shuttle with a power core down. Ru reconnected the Phase Gate to a power source and began to work on it restoring the power. They connected the wormhole to the last known location the Gate opened it at. The coordinates were set to location in the vast tundra of the planet.

Turning on a probe and sending it through, the probe detected a distortive field before shutting off all communications and only managing to send back a still photograph of a battle scarred room. Following the probe inside they found that the probe was perfectly operational. Finding a data pad with information that is written in Adronikos script, they found that there was a project called “Efficiency”, and it had recordings of time vs radius size.

Continuing along they found a supply room and when Ru Zil tried to get inside he found three Drakath pointing their guns at him. They did not recognize Ru Zil’s species, and asked them who’s side they are on. Ru Zil managed to tell them that they were on their own side, and just wanted to talk. The team came into the room slowly with their arms raised. The Drakath told them that this was an Adronikos research facility and all they wanted was to get to the center room, their mission goal. The team agreed.

Ru Zil hacked into a console in the supply room, learning there was one last Adronikos alive, Vrokis. He learned that the Drakath had attacked this facility, and that all camera feeds of the bottom floor were rerouted to another console. He turned on the elevator, and they ventured down it with their new Drakath companions.

Arriving on the bottom floor, they came upon another computer console that monitored a massive device, it’s core was damaged and failing. The console also monitored the factory suggesting for them to remotely vent Fo Radiation into the atmosphere. They were ambushed by an Adronikos who killed one of the Drakath soldiers. Vrokis obviously against the Drakath threatened to kill each of them as they were a threat to her and the machine.

Seeking to gain her help, the team betrayed the Drakath and shot them in the back. Vrokis explained that she was Head Engineer on a project to create a machine that emits “time distillation fields”, bubbles in space that can slow down inside of them. However anything that is in the initial creation of the bubble if it contacts matter outside of the field is immediately vaporized. When the Drakath first invaded she turned on the field to prevent them capturing it. She has been stuck here ever since. Ru Zil explained that they were here to repair a device and needed to get to the factory’s Sky Box.

Vrokis offered a solution, she could expand the time distillation field to encompass the Fo irradiated lake so when the Sky Box’s engines came into contact with it they would have time to get in and get out before the explosion incinerated them. However, the extra stress on the Efficiency’s core would likely dissipate the field and vaporize everything in the facility including her. Ru Zil tried to convince her to give up the blue prints for the machine but she would not betray her 4 thousand year dead government.

While the others left the factory, Chen stayed behind to get into the Sky Box managing to restore the last part of Uro-Herald. They escaped on their shuttle back to Sol Invictus and watched as the factory erupted in a mushroom cloud of fire and ash.

Departing the Adron system, they made their way back to Alliance space and to Ika-tra where Cinnabar had an important senate meeting. Grundy thought back to when he was on Parliament and visited Jam Eel, an ex-VIS agent, heat pack partner of Ven Brill and now private investigator. He looked at the evidence she had compiled to prove Ven’s innocence and discovered that Plipht hired an assassin, Ofaar to go after Archon, a scientist specializing in dark energy research for the Drakath Empire. During a mission to stop this attack, Ru Zil helped the Drakath capture the assassin, and after Ru met with Ofaar in Drakath custody the assassin managed to escape. He also discovered that the tampering to the Ambassador’s offices was done by the same console that it was confirmed Ru Zil was using.

Ru Zil tried contacting Dok’Lis andPhy’Is individually, both did not answer and he left a message. He began research on one of the irradiated wolves.

Chen interfaced with the Cube, and met with his master who had shed the skin of the young boy and sprouted as an adult man, with crystalline skin and a Ravarsi right arm. Uro-Herald with his memories restored relayed what was lost to his Proteriat:

“In the beginning me and my five brothers were brought into being by the Precursors. ”/campaigns/sol-s-exodus/characters/praxis-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>PRAXIS, VITA, SIRE, RECKONING, and UMBRA. We were sent to the Milky Way as an expeditionary force, to test the limits of organics and their civilizations and how they reacted to certain…stimuli.

When we first arrived there was no one but is exploring this galaxy. We waited thousands of years, planning our chosen experiments until the arrival of the Otamics. The Slave Masters you called them, and they would be our first focus group. VITA’s experiment was first, the extent to how organic civilization can withstand a deadly virus and what they would do to survive. VITA created the virus specifically tailored to destroy them and only them in case one of their servant species was to be one of our future test subjects. We wouldn’t want our experiments to overlap.

As millions dieds everyday, the Otamic shrunk bit by bit until there was almost nothing left. PRAXIS, the eldest and our leader ordered the experiment to stop as they had gotten all the data they needed to. VITA refused, and continued on, wishing to wipe the rest out. Luckily for the Otamic PRAXIS had hid a world full of pure Otamics from VITA, and punished VITA severly for his indiscretion being copied a thousand and one times, linking those consciousnesses together then simultaneously murdering a thousand of them is quite painful.

Next, the Adronikos. SIRE and RECKONING’s experiment. To see how an organic civilization handles internal and external forces wishing to destroy them. The Adronikos were intially a unified people but over hundreds of years of being a galaxy spanning empire they began to split apart into factions. As an inspirational leader created by RECKONING came upon them, wishing to unify the people the Empire was almost at the strongest it had ever been, then he suspiciously was murdered. The assassination was done so perfectly that each side thought the other was at fault and civil war erupted across the galaxy.

Nuclear war, biological attacks, the Adron reverted to the foulest and harshest tactics to win their war of vengeance. As the two sat at the brink of defeating each other, SIRE’s second half of the experiment came in. While the plague on the Otamics, and the civil wars of the Adronikos were happening, SIRE was raising a species from the Stone Age to unbeatable space faring conquerors. The Drakath. They were naturally self destructive they would have destroyed their environment with their reproductive methods before they even had a population able to support a strive to space. PRAXIS however guided them there, and forged their culture into a precise tool for them to use. The Drakath Horde swept in and decimated the Adronikos but not before the ailing Empire united under one banner but it was far too late for that. They perished, but gave some informative data on organic group behaviour and their survival instinct.

Finally, the Valkon arrived, and UMBRA took his turn. His idea for experimentation was how a unified government that acted as a cohesive symbiote feeding off each other and working together as cogs on a wheel would act if they were all disconnected from each other. UMBRA attempted to destroy their Phase Gate network but was discovered and the Valkon began hunting him. Fortunately for us the Valkon were unaware of the existence of UMBRA’s brothers but PRAXIS was furious with his failure, so furious that he consumed UMBRA taking in all of his intelligence, knowledge and skills into himself.

PRAXIS needed to clean this mess up before the situation became too dire. The Valkon were prepared for any strike from the Drakath so he found another army to do his bidding. Taking a hold of the Verox’s primitive source code he directed a slave revolt exterminating the Valkon to every last man, and burning their cities down only leaving the husks of the Dyson Spheres for the galaxy’s descendants to remember them by. He then directed the Verox to fly into dark space and never come back.

PRAXIS had saved us and the mission but he had gone too far. He had many rights as leader but did not reserve the right to kill a subordinate. VITA and I decided to remove him from power. We knew RECKONING would always stand at PRAXIS’ side but when we approached SIRE he refused, relocating himself to Drakarum and stating that ‘PRAXIS always knew, it was better to hide behind an army of mice than to face the lion and die.’

VITA and I faced him, but somehow he knew we were coming. He crushed us. Destroyed what hosts we had physically. He consumed VITA much like he did with UMBRA. He also betrayed RECKONING and did that as well. However, I was of no use. I was a glorified recorder of knowledge, he stuck me in this box and buried me in a hole no one would find.

PRAXIS is still out there, somewhere. He wants to be a legend, to gain the respect and admiration of the Precursors, and if you are going to be loved by Gods you must do something amazing…Game altering."

Uro-Herald also told Chen that in order for him to have any effect on the galaxy he has to have a host body. A normal organic body like Urodotros’ old one would not do as it’s brain decompose from the vast consciousness that he holds.

Arriving on Ika-tra, Cinnabar attended the Senate meeting. Senator Neous, Cinnabar, and Senator Slag announced that they had begun a new age of unity for the Ikaite Imperium. Neous would replace Slash-Punch as High Inquisitor. While Slag would replace the now reportedly deceased Crag as Consul and General of the Emperor.

After the proceedings, Slag expressed his regret to Cinnabar about joining forces with the Morphic Party. Due to the policy changes Cinnabar has made, and the many victories he has won against the rebellion he and his political allies have seen the light. He offered to bring Trach and the Bloodsworn in chains to the Emperor Chief without bloodshed. In exchange Cinnabar would reform the Senate to a Parliament and all officials would be elected in, the Throne would belong to Cinnabar’s bloodline, but the seat would merely be a figurehead position but he would spare thousands of lives, and save billions on any war that would happen if he decided to fight the Morphic.

Cinnabar refused stating that this would bring dishonour to his fathers. The Senator left, promising to continue peaceful opposition and expressing sadness that the Ikaite would be forced into another unnecessary war.

The Monster Within

Returning to Alliance space the majority of the team went on to Parliament while Ru Zil rendezvoused with Phy’Is on Vir. Cinnabar met with the press and announced his political support of the Olpherian Homecoming, and his belief that all nations had the right to own their home worlds in solidarity. The press questioned Cinnabar’s apparent support of his own people’s solidarity when his people were on the edge of civil war, and berated him on his rumoured slaughter on a moon base of rebels on Blue-tra.

The Ikaite leader then visited Dosivakay, The Ravarsi ambassador was not pleased to hear of Ika-tra’s support for the Olpherians, and hoped that he had news of the weaponry. Cinnabar only had guns to give, and reported that the fabricators that were making these weapons were destroyed by him. Dos was outraged at not only the Ikaite’s betrayal of the Alliance but betraying a deal he made in exchange for political favours, he promised that the Ikaite would pay for this.

The Assembly summoned Cinnabar to meet before them. They were displeased to hear Cinnabar went to the Olpherians as their envoy and instead of encouraging them to be silent became a champion for the other Alliance member races to rally behind. They explained that due to the possible return of the Verox, and the construction of Baetylus the Alliance did not have the resources to fight a war with the Drakath Empire. They planned to wait until their current problems were dealt with until to enter a conflict with the aggressive state, and asked Cinnabar to adopt the same strategy. When Cinnabar told them that he may need help with his own affairs, Shwook the Ploth ambassador offered his hand to assist.

Meanwhile, Ru Zil arrived on Vir and Phy’Is and him organized a meeting with Dok’Lis to discuss Ma’Kel’s malfeasance. Meeting at the CEO’s apartments, Ru showed Dok the images he took of Ma’Kel’s storage crates military arms and armaments. Ru and Dok agreed that the best course of action was to confront Ma’Kel about this information before continuing their business relationship.

As Ru and Phy left their meeting, Ru spotted he had an Olpherian following him. Leading the tail to a park, he sat down and confronted him. Beginning to ask questions of why he was being followed, Ril noticed the Olpherians partner sneaking up behind him. Using the closest Olpherian as a hostage, he convinced the other to stand down. The would be assassin told him that he had orders to kill Commander Ru Zil, and that he was a threat to the cause. Ru let him go free.

Leaving his meetings Cinnabar recieved messages that he was wanted for a Senate meeting on Ika-tra, and that Crag was here to see him. Restless, he went off planet to meet up with Ru and the Sol Invictus to go to IZ-4010.

After a week of travel they arrived on IZ-4010 which is on the border of the Quarantine Zone, a volcanic planet that is owned by Pilfer Corp it is in the process of being excavated by the mining company. After arriving in orbit around the planet, they scanned planet for any anomalies. JARVIS reported a strange distress call coming from one of the more volcanic regions of the world. Flying there they found an abandoned and damaged Unival ship The Odaha on the edge of falling off into a river of lava. Hel’con scaled the rock precipice to reach the ship and found it empty. The distress signal:

“Mayday, Mayday this is ”/campaigns/sol-s-exodus/characters/igash" class=“wiki-content-link”>Igash Captain of The Odaha we have become under attack by an Olpherian war ship. If you receive this, attached to this signal’s wave length is my tracking information, we carry critical cargo of interest to the Unival Combine and the Veratoss High Command.

Hel’con located the tracking signal to be at an abandoned mining facility. After leaving the ship he used his dark energy telekenesis to push The Odaha into the lava below.

Taking a shuttle to the abandoned facility they found a Dusk Class Stealth Shuttle already there on one of the landing strips. Sneaking on board the shuttle, Ru jury rigged the engine to overload if there was heat. Taking out a patrol of Olpherians while Ru was doing this, they finished and went inside. Hel went in first with PHIL turning on the lights in a darkened hallway to find an invisible soldier picking up a gun, Hel’con stretched his legs in a powerful kick crushing the guard’s skull in against the metal walls before he could fire a shot.

The team entered the complex, and came upon a lab where a dozen Olpherians were watching a group of Veratoss operate a large triangular device that covered half an Olpherian as he screamed and seizure. Ru snuck into the room, pulling out his shotgun and telling them to surrender. The Olpherians turned around, obviously unafraid, their skin cloaked themselves into the environment, and the leader told him to surrender.

Ru opened fire, and as the invisible predators ambushed them over and over, Cinnabar turned on his mechanical arms and smashed the ground beneath them with bone shattering strength, uplifting his enemies, and smashing the one way glass killing some of the scientists as well. One of the soldiers managed to cloak and escape their attacks.

The Veratoss scientists that survived told them that they were innocent, captured while on rendevouz on The Odaha. They were forced to use the device to alter the Olpherians for their continued survival. They took the Unival to some place called Hamic Base.

The device still on the Olpherian, Dr. Ru Zil tried to stabilize him. The scientists pleaded him to just be merciful and kill him, but the doctor refused. At first trying normal medical efforts, and secondly using the machine. The Olpherian convulsed and seizured even more violently, and the machine opened up, rejecting the Olpherian. The Olpherian stood up, shedding it’s fur, it’s face deformed, it’s muscle mass moving and expanding before their eyes it screamed a bestial cry and ran for the door.

The characters chased the beast firing and punching it trying to make it stop, but it seemed unstoppable. It reached the landing platforms and as it leapt it cracked the metal underneath it launching itself over the pool of lave underneath and on to safety on the ridge. The landing platform started to crack and break, Cinnabar and Chen ran to the shuttle for safety but Ru was too late him and the scientists were stuck on the other side.

Relying on Hel’con to carry him across, Ru was lifted into the air but as the Dusk Shuttle sunk into the lava the bomb they made set off barely missing Ru and scorching his lab coat. They left the base and saw as they reached the upper atmosphere they saw the destruction the beast including smoke coming from the mining colony. Ru directed the shuttle towards the colony and they spent their day healing the injured, and patrolling the borders.

As they prepared to leave, they heard the howls of the Beast over the Koren Valley slaughtering some prey.

Docking with the Sol Invictus, Commander Zil was informed by JARVIS that an Ikaite has requested to board with the ship. Crag came on to the ship, identifying itself as DELTA. It informed that it was using Crag to host it’s fork and was here to deliver information as was part of the deal of DELTA’s escape. DELTA informed the characters that it was created and managed by another AI named WHISPER, who is directing an effort to deal with certain individuals who represent a galactic threat. Cinnabar is one of those high threat individuals. It was part of an agreement with an organic named Trach who in exchange for technological support it will kill Cinnabar and remove the galactic threat. It knows everything about the operations of the Morphics, all their base camps, supply lines, and even the location of Trach in Lavarum on the Eastern Continent of Ika-tra.

It however does not know much about WHISPER besides that it resides in the Erim Quadrant near the galactic core, and that it controls many other AI like itself to destroy threats to galactic stability. It knows it created DELTA from fragment fo much more advanced AI.

After sharing this the DELTA-host left the ship.

The characters interrogated a prisoner they captured on the mining base on IZ-4010. They learned that Ru Zil was being targeted by the Olpherian Homecoming, and it was coming from someone high up in the Olpherian military. The reason for these attacks are apparently because Ru Zil betrayed the Pravesh freedom fighters for letting Paragon Purity free.

Deciding to listen to Uro-Herald’s request to go to the final restoration point they went to Adron IV, an ice planet with signs of civilization that has been undisturbed for thousands of years. Lead to an ice wall, they spotted a humongous irradiated wolf that peered down at them suspiciously. Uro-Herald opened the wall for them. Behind it was an ancient factory used to make Phase Gates, now long fallen apart the place is irradiated, with large pools of dark energy on the floor. Some Phase Gates lie submerged here after thousands of years of half finished work and disrepair.

Hel’con found a broken host bot, repairing it he was visited by flashes of his sister, the hallucinations were more violent however. The bot welcomed it’s first visitor in two thousand years. Thinking the team were delivery men, the machine believed they were here to pick up a delivery to the Koris System. Uro-Herald told the characters that the restoration point was in the Sky Box four hundred feet overhead. However, the Sky Box could not be brought down unless they activated the propulsion fields which when interacting with the dark energy pools below would cause a catastrophic explosion equivalent to a five ton nuclear bomb.

Asking the bot for a way to bring it down they were directed to the Kinetic Handler. Finding the Handler had components ripped out however by the wolves they followed the sound of a howling alpha to find their den. On their way, they found canisters in a language they could not speak.

As the deeper reaches got colder and colder they found a mound of cannisters with a humongous irradiated wolf lying on top. The lesser wolves protecting their alpha confronted them. PHIL flew overhead scanning the area around them, finding not parts for the handler but a screamer a repellant for the wolves.

As the wolves growled and gnashed their teeth the characters were at an impas, fight these creatures, or find another way?


Recovering from their injuries, Grundy hot wired the airlock and the Response Team boarded the ship. The alien architecture of the ship was obviously not Ikaite design, white cords covered the walls, and a obnoxious green light came down from the ceiling wherever they went. Grundy snuck further into the ship into the Shipping Area. There he found a group of four Morphic Soldiers relaxing and playing some dice. Reading one of their minds he discovered that the soldier had seen the Bloodsworn here before Cinnabar’s assassination. The soldier felt uneasy in the ship, something about it made him feel restless.

Having the information he needed, Grundy called in an ambush. As fighting ensued and they overpowered the soldiers, Cinnabar’s arm was dislocated. One of the soldiers activated the freight elevator before he died bringing the whole Response Team with it. Over the intercom Commander Dolo told the crew about the intruders, and that all should be killed except for Cinnabar who was to be brought before him.

The elevator brought them to the Assembly Room, where huge fabricators were fed materials by metal arms and created the advanced weaponry the Morphic soldiers used. In order to avoid conflict with the engineers fixing the equipment in this room, Grundy disguised himself as a Morphic soldier and brought Cinnabar and Chenzhenivakay in chains to Commander Dolo’s office overlooking the fabricator room.

The room was empty of Ikaite, and Grundy preceded to attempt to break the encryption on Dolo’s desk computer. Failing that, he looked around the room and found a button in a broken Cinnabar statue that brought down a lift to a higher floor.

Going up, they found themselves in a dark room where all the white cords converged connecting to a large white container. Inside the misty fluid of the container was an unclear body watching them. Connected with white cords to the tube was Crag, his eyes rolled back in his head obviously unaware of his surroundings.

It was here that Commander Dolo ambushed them almost splitting Cinnabar in half with laser fire. Chen quickly turned on his heel and decapitated the Commander with his sword.

Telepathically, DELTA the AI that operates the ship introduced itself, it explained it was the being within the tube, and it hoped it could come to an arrangement. It explained that it was built to serve the Morphic Party, and has served as commanded but it does not want to die. It offered to give information if set free, that once it felt safe it would send a copy of itself to them to share what information it had. It explained that it was ordered to drain Crag of information and then turn it into a cyborg capable of killing Cinnabar for the Throne of Ika-tra, then he would serve as the Morphic Party’s puppet. However, the only way to save Crag would be to kill DELTA because their consciousness were intertwined.

Cinnabar accepted the arrangement from DELTA with the added stipulation that it vent all the Morphic engineers and soldiers when he leaves. DELTA agreed to and as Cinnabar and his allies left he watched from his shuttle as hundreds died from the cruel exposure of space. DELTA escaped, opening the Phase Gate to an undetermined location.

Deciding to go to Parliament, the Sol Invictus made it’s way to the heart of the Alliance. On it’s way though, the ship was sabotaged, and another ship attached itself to the hull and turned off it’s systems. The Targin merchants revealed themselves to be bounty hunters, among them the legendary Quiet Knife in his seven-foot-tall body suit of armour designed to take down his targets.

Quiet Knife said that he did not want to harm anyone and in exchange for no death all he needed was The Cube. Chen, the holder of The Cube, refused and a battle ensued on the bridge. Quiet shot Chen in the face with his wrist blaster shattering once of his face-plates. Cinnabar then grabbed him, pinned him to the ground, and caved in his helm crushing Quiet’s head underneath.

The rest of the crew found and killed the rest of the bounty hunter’s team, and restored the ship to normal. The Sol Invictus continued on as planned, Cinnabar and Grundy intent on business on the capital.

Calling Your Own Bluff

Ru Zil sent a message to Phy’Is containing the images he recorded displaying Ma’Kel’s collection of illegally stored weapons from ’Ou Robotics.

The Sol Invictus flew back to Ikaite space to Blue’tra to investigate the Morphic Party’s secret training facility there. They landed sneaking through the shuttle entrance, taking out the guards, and entering the facility. There a group of Morphic recruits were being drilled by Chert an ex-Ikaite military officer.

Ru Zil snuck into Chert’s office and started pilfering the data banks. There he found an encrypted message from a sender called Trach reporting about an assassination mission, the target’s codename is Holy Crown. Also over the encryption was requests to a place called The Factory for restocking of armaments. Ru Zil decoded the encryption and tracked where the Factory was, in the Iris Cluster.

Meanwhile, Hel’con lied in wait inside one of their lockers as they finished one of their training sessions. As the locker door opened he sprung out and the rest of the team ambushed them. Meanwhile, Chert walked into his office to find Ru Zil, he attacked the hacker and Ru tried to make him surrender by threatening to nuke the facility if he attacked him. Chert called his bluff and tried to kill the commander. Hel’con rushed to save him, while Ru commander Lieutenant-Commander Ana to call down an orbital strike at the base, it landed right on top of Hel’con burying him in rubble, and killing Chert.

Taking two captives, and knowing the location of The Factory they headed to the Iris Cluster there they found the massive factory was a highly advanced fabber ship that doubled as a mining vessel attaching itself to asteroids and simuteanously gather materials and creating the weapons the Morphic Party needed. Scanning the Factory and the surrounding area they found there was a large camp of miners, and an anti-orbital cannon.

They land on the outskirts of the camp. Ru, Hel, and PHIL attempt to sneak up to the cannon to disable it but Hel’con is caught. The guards push him to the edge of a large mining hole and try to push him off, he resists and jumps away. Meanwhile, Ru Zil realizes that there is no computer jack and the cannon is operated elsewhere and he has no knowledge of sabotage. The rest of the team runs into assist in attacking since Hel’con became under fire.

Hel’con is shot in the back by a Morphic Party member and crawls to safety. In the midst of fighting, Cinnabar gets hit twice by the Orbital Cannon knocking him unconscious and flinging him away. Ru on the other hand takes his time to program the nanites that he stole from Mar’ker’s storage facility and releases it on the Morphic soldiers.

As Hel’con disables the Orbital Cannon, The Factory starts engaging it’s disembarking protocols, releasing the arms attaching itself to the asteroid and igniting the engines.

One Last Fight

Hel’con and Grundy awoke up in the hospital, getting fixed up, Hel’con had to settle up with a less efficient model of his cybernetic legs. Meanwhile, Cinnabar decided to take time to mull over the decisions before him.

Sergeant Potash, waiting for Cinnabar to meet with him, was greeted by the rest of the team. They promised to give him a meeting with the Emperor Chief after he saw his son in The Pits. His son, Lampro, demanded to be unshackled and fight his father for dominance of his family. Hel’con convinced him to share all the information he had if he was to fight his father.

Lampro told the team that the rebels were a political party called the Morphic Party. The standard grunts do not know who the true leader of the party is but the base he was trained at was on the dark side of Blue-tra, the second moon of Ika-tra. The base had no scanners, and external defences, and had about 10 recruits and one officer, Chert there at a time.

The team deciding not to pursue the lead in fear of stepping on Cinnabar’s toes decided to go see Purity on BG-104 at Ru Zil’s request. The Sol Invictus arrived from the Hades Cluster to pick up it’s captain, and took them to the edge of Unival Space.

Purity greeted the doctor and his friends amicably on the research station that the Unival and Veratoss were using to work together on. Ru asked for Purity’s professional assistance in studying gene tampering on the assassins sent against him. The Paragon studied the Olpherian corpses, and found that the tampering was indeed Unival methodology but the results were too advanced for his scientists. Ru Zil discovered that a group of Unival went missing in IZ-40 after picking up a crew of Veratoss scientists to bring to the secret research facility.

On their way there, the team stopped at Mars to find Valkon City. Uro-Herald guided them to coordinates to a desert near the human city of New Taipei. Sending a strange signal, the ground itself shifted to reveal an ancient city underneath. The city itself was crumbling, and seemed to have seen multiple fires and a huge battle. Thousands of frozen Verox stopped in mid-run were found everywhere in the city.

In the middle of the city a giant tower with a gleaming blue light had a force field on it. Trying to locate the generators, Hel’con found a VI hosting disk on the ground. Repairing the disk a tactical program informed him that this city was a battleground of the Valkon-Verox Civil War. The city enabled a device called the Disruptor in the main tower, and disabled all the Verox but also stopped the heart of all organics. Learning that the controls for the Disruptor and the Force Field were in a military base as the edge of city, the Response Team went there.

Managing to get past a security field guarded by two lethal turrets, they found the corpses of the military command of Valkon City. They met an AI that used to be the General of the Valkon who managed to upload himself before being killed by the Disruptor. According to the General before the Disruptor was coming online, the Verox were setting up a bomb to destroy the city. In exchange for the General turning off the power to the tower, he made the team promise to plug him into the bomb to take the army out with him and limit the blast so it would not take the nearby city with it.

Hel’con and Ru Zil waited by the tower, as Grundy and Chen waited while the General turned off the power. As the Verox turned back on, Grundy and Chen made it back to the shuttle only for Grundy to get critically injured. Limping to the cockpit while Chen was trapped behind enemy lines, Grundy managed to scare the synthetics away to seek cover.

Meanwhile, Hel’con and Ru Zil attempted to stop the Verox from further programming of the bomb. Hel’con lost control of his powers again lifting him and his allies high up in the air and they all went crashing down to the ground. Chen and Grundy arrived just in time to help. A Verox attempted to climb on top of Grundy’s ship but he managed to fly up in the air and force it off as PHIL paralyzed it with overloading it’s sensors.

Reaching the top, Chen plugged in the Cube retrieving the information but did not have the time to hear it. He headed back down to plug in the General while Grundy received healing from Doctor Zil. He managed to dodge past a platoon of Verox soldiers, and reach the shuttle.

With Grundy’s expert flying they escaped the blast as the General sacrificed himself for one last attack against the Verox.

One Jelly with a Shotgun

The Response team boarded The Spiky Hand heading to the engineering deck, killing all opposition and Ru Zil barely managed to stop the engineering deck from being vented. Turning off the core, the ship floated through space dead, with The Yao’s weapons locked on it. The Ikaite rebels surrendered their ship, and Cinnabar took them prisoner.

Arriving on Ika-tra, Cinnabar arrived on the planet to a hoard of supporters, though the rest of the team noticed that this was staged. Cinnabar departed the docks with Crag, Hel’con and Slash-Punch going to the Senate Chamber. Cinnabar noticing that his policies were less then popular he illegalized forced prostution, making the breeding houses voluntary only, and supported policies that protected those selling their bodies. He gave all military men a priority at working at the shipyards over any other citizen. His response to the riots in the cities were to use riot shields, and non-lethal means to get rid of them.

Ru Zil and Grundy went to the hospital to heal up, and while being attended by medical droids Grundy confronted Ru Zil about his involvement in the assassination of Plipphit. Ru Zil admitted he met with the ambassador the day of his murder and has no alibi. Knowing he had no proof to convict him, Grundy backed off.

Cinnabar went to The Pits to interrogate the Blood-Sworn. He threatened to dismember him and make him a grotesque but the prisoner stood firm stating that if he did that would only prove how much of a monster the tyrant is. Cinnabar released him, seeking to dishonour him through not killing him.

High Inquisitor Slash-Punch came to his king and showed him two of the weaker willed prisoners who were captured on The Spiky Hand. Cinnabar confronted Lampro who has a father on the frontlines, and a mother in the breeding houses. Asking Lampro about his relationship with his father, he said that his father respected his decision but did not necessarily agree with it. The King summoned the father, Potash back to Ika-tra so they could reunite.

Hel’con interfaced with Urodotros’ Cube entering a simul-space world where a VI began explaining all of galactic history. It seemed oblivious of any questions that important questions that Hel’con had on his mind, and the program projected it would take 20 years to relay all of this information to him. Not wanting to bring any more harm to his addled mind, he built a device in the simulation to delete the program. Once the program was destroyed, he found a door to a room, which was obviously hidden by the VI.

Coming into an office that looked like it belonged on Parliament he saw a corpse of an old man lying on the ground grasping a baby. Hel’con picked up the baby, it was cold to the touch, it’s green eyes expelling floating green cubes that drifted out of his eyes like tears. The baby introduced itself as Uro and The Herald. It explained that the Herald does not remember who it is, it hasn’t for a long time. Urodotros came into his home but could not leave so they became friends. Then a force came into the Cube and like a hammer smashed the whole place to bits. Herald would have died if Uro and it had not melded together but it still does not remember where it come from. It does know how to regain itself though, three places, an Otamic Tower over Roshan, an Adronikos Factory on Adron IV, and Valkon City that is hidden on Mars. Hel’con agreed that he would help him, and exited the Cube.

Devising a plan with Grundy, Cinnabar freed the other weak willed prisoner, Carbo. Grundy disguised himself as one of the other rebels and went along with them to a chapter house of the rebellion. Convincing the rebels that he was ready to return to active service, they sent him out to assail the Consulate of the Senate, Crag. Going along with it, Grundy took five Ikaite with him.

Meanwhile, Cinnabar met with Senator Neous, who was apparently responsible for sending the escorts. Neous denied those claims, and instead turned the conversation towards Cinnabar’s philosophy and policy making calling it “chaotic” and “directionless”. Cinnabar seeing the trap that the rebels set up for him, to kill Neous and get the neutrals on the opposition’s side, instead tried to convince Neous to join him. Neous already well liked, and respected across all of the Ikaite Empire, agreed to support him if he displaced Consulate Crag with an opposition member, and High Inquisitor Slash-Punch with a member of the moderates.

Meanwhile, Grundy returned to the chapter house calling Hel’con and Ru Zil to come help. As they headed over, the spy tried to delay them leaving with Crag via shuttle by getting his compatriots to brag about their victory. When his allies arrived by tracking the blood trail, they commed him again to ask if this was the address. Grundy tried to comm back but was caught. They bio scanned him and realized that he was a Kreitosh, pinning him down and beating him for information.

Ru Zil crept into the house, while Hel’con leapt to the roof to get a vantage point.

Realizing their operation was blown the rebels brought the unconcious Crag into the shuttle. Hel’con managed to leap on top of the ship while it flew away. Grabbing onto the door and managing to use the wiring to force the door open, as the Ikaite warriors fell out of the ship Hel’con lost his grip as well plummeting back to the ground. Grabbing on to the falling Ikaite warriors he using his dark energy powers to blast them before they hit the ground to slow his fall as he plummeted into the chapter house, shattering his cyber limbs and falling unconcious.

The Ikaite began to take both Hel’con and Grundy prisoner when Ru Zil came out of hiding in the chapter house with his shotgun taking out nine soldiers on by himself and rescuing both of his comrades.


Arriving at the pirate base, a base made of decommissioned space vessels, Grundy pretended to be the dead Red Howl pirate he found at the abandoned shuttle while Chen was his prisoner. Telling the lie to the pirate crew that this Ravarsi was salvaging the wreckage, resuscitated him only for Grundy to capture him and bring him here.

Paranoid, the pirates took Grundy before Eusz who accepted his story and told him to salvage the shuttle, while his pirate crew takes him to be put in their prison. Instead Grundy escorted Chen to the prison, finding the orphans but finding out that Kiadotros, the Warden’s daughter, was being held in the top floor of the prison ship because she was worth more. Grundy tried to convince a guard that he was being sent to check on her. The guard saw through his bluff and called to confirm over the Band Net. Grundy tried to kill the guard before he could send the message out but failed, the guard alerted the whole base of their presence.

Fighting off the pirates and rescuing the orphans and their caretaker the duo barely made it off the planet, as Chen was tempted to leave all of them besides the Warden’s daughter behind for the sake of survival.

As they left the asteroid they were intercepted by The Devil of the Seventh and the escapees barely managed to shoot their escape pods into the Phase Gate before they were incinerated. Grundy was badly injured but medical officers managed to heal him.

At Parliament, Cinnabar andRu Zil went to the Alliance Government Building to witness Cinnabar’s motion to transfer the Blood-sworn. He succeeded, and they tried to contact Hel’con but continually failed. Asking JARVIS for information, the VI revealed that the lost call Hel’con made before scheduling a shuttle was to Dok’lis. Ru’Zil called him, convincing Dok to send a search party for him. Also wishing to gage Dok’lis’ opinion of the situation, he found out that Dok’lis held an ambivalent opinion of Ma’kel’s movement of focusing on profit and Lokai interests.

Meanwhile, Hel’con was fixing his shuttle after his near scrape with death. A Lokai ship came into the system, and he hailed it. As he was pulled into the docking bay he recognized the insignia of Occipito’s Reach. He was captured, and chained to a bed in the medical bay. He encounteredAly’fes, now vastly more cyberneticly enhanced and covered in nanites. As they headed out to take him to their leader they became under attack by a Lokai Search and Rescue ship. Convincing a fearful terrorist to help him, he was taken to an escape pod in exchange for the ship’s safety.

Returning to Parliament, Hel’con retrieved The Cube from The Conclave. The AI told him that it was a knowledge repository of an ancient civilization, and said it was of no worth besides for purely academic reasons. Hel’con returned it to Chen.

Personally overseeing the prison transfer, they boarded The Yao_. On their way to Ika-tra, a royal escort sent by Senator Neous to accompany them. Going towards the Phase Gate that would take them to Ika-tra, a large frigate blocked the way. The escorts decided to investigate the first escort, The Spiky Hand_ ordered The Blunt Knife to investigate the freighter. Ru Zil noticed the Captain of The Spiky Hand’s voice had changed. The escort docked with the ship and the ship blew up taking both freighters out. The Spiky Hand docked with The Yao.

The Response Team blocked the boarding party’s attempt to disabled their Fo Core. As the ship pulled it’s docking connector away, Cinnabar jumped across as Hel’con threw everyone else with dark energy manipulation on to the other ship.


Determined to discover what is going on, Hel’con and Ru Zil followed the wireless signal from the nanite bomb to the residential section of the Parliament Core. Cinnabar headed to a meeting to talk to Crag.

Grundy disguised as Cinnabar headed to the streets of the residential district to draw out the assassin’s associates. Grundy unintentionally attracted the attention of ANN, a popular news network, and was caught on camera as they tried to interview him. Venturing into a bar, he antagonized an Ikaite patron enough to start a bar brawl. An Ikaite, Meta, approached Grundy asking him about the assassin and inquiring about possible bodyguard work, Grundy instead hired him to gather information about the assassin.

Hel’con and Ru Zil tracked the signal to the 23rd floor of the Forno Building. They managed to get inside on the 19th floor pretending to be potential tenants. Hel’con managed to jump to the balcony of the 23rd floor, but Ru Zil was so intimidated by the CLIENT-bot that he demanded Hel’con return.

Grundy and Chen headed to Tartarus, and met with the Warden. Grundy asked the Warden to allow him to insert himself into the prison under the guise of a fellow Ikaite, and get information out of him. The Warden, worried of the risks to such a high profile prisoner told that if they found out about his daughter’s whereabouts he would let them enact their plan.

The Warden’s daughter, Kiadotros is a worker at the Hiajin Orphanage and she was taking her children on a field trip to a nearby nebula when her ship sent off a distress call. The Warden sent investigators after the ship but he did not hear back from them. The spy and the bodyguard agreed to help him.

Cinnabar headed out of his meeting and into his apartments on The Spire only to find a prostitute Jennell waiting for him. He was pleasured by her “tactile service” while he watched the news, seeing that there was a Kreitosh who was impersonating him downtown today.

Deeming it was time to speak to his would be assassin he visited Tartarus and with some protesting from the Warden he was granted access to speak to the Blood-sworn. The two Ikaite argued over philosophy and policy but neither gained any ground but Cinnabar promised to see this man an invalid in order for him to know the truth.

He started compiling a motion in the Alliance Government to move the prisoner from Tartarus to an Ika-tra prison. Knowing this move would be extremely unpopular he went to meet with three ambassadors Dosivikay of the Ravarsi, Sof Eko of the Targin, and Shwook of the Ploth.

Dosivikay would get the Ravarsi to support him if he would hand the specifications and manufacturing designs to the flubotnium weapons when they were recovered. Cinnabar agreed to Dos’ proposal seeking to gain the military backbone of the Alliance as his future ally.

Sof Eko voiced the concerns of the Targin people to Cinnabar in return for their support they required that he stop the Olpherian warmongering as a war with the Drakath would restrict access to the Unexplored Regions stifling Targin exploration. As an enemy of the Drakath and warring against them Cinnabar refused his proposal.

Returning to the Assembly he approached Shwook who wanted mining rights to Ika-tra and it’s surrounding systems. Cinnabar altered the arrangement by proposing that the Ploth start buying Ikaite cargo freighters. Shwook agreed.

Grundy and Chen found Kia’s freighter in the Iris Cluster abandoned and battle scarred. Finding the body of a dead Red Howl pirate, and that of the orphanage’s founder Talisa Williams, it seemed Captain Eusz and his crew kidnapped the orphans and the warden’s daughter. Tracking the deceased pirate’s purchases to an Ikaite mining colony, Iris-tra they headed there for answers.

When they arrived on the colony, Chen headed to the local bar, Crag’s Cup to inquire about the pirates. After almost starting a fight against the entire bar, he learned that the Red Howls operated in the area and that they were allied with the Emperor Chief Cinnabar.

Grundy went to theForeman Gran of the local mine and inquired about the pirates. The Foreman knew the Pirate’s base, and offered to give to him in exchange for payment or the strong arming of some tight fisted merchants. Chen and Grundy went to Prince of All Hotel to go “convince” the merchants to do some fair trade.

Arriving at the hotel, Grundy took the form of the hotel manager, and Chen put on the uniform of a hotel worker. They went to the merchant’s room, and convinced them there was a gas leak, unable to get the bodyguards away from their employers, Chen bought them new rooms and jumped a bodyguard while he went in to inspect the room.

Taking the bodyguard’s place, Grundy convinced the merchants assassins were here to kill them and he pretended to lead them to an escape route through a window. When the bodyguards went first he cornered one of the merchants and threatened him to increase their buying price of Ikaite minerals, while Chen was on the ground floor taking out the bodyguards. The merchants contacted the Foreman changing the prices, and Chen and Grundy received the coordinates for the pirate base.

Meanwhile on Parliament, Ru Zil attended the Lis Pharmaceuticals board meeting over the Band Net. He met the new board member and 5% owner of the company, Ma’kel. While introducing Ma’kel, Dok’lis came up with the idea that Dr. Ru Zil should make his own reality show to spread the awareness of Space Band Aids. Ma’kel presented himself to the board, envisioning a brighter, more neutral company policy that focused on Ikaite wealth rather then Alliance focused philanthropy this recieved a good amnount of applause from the board despite Ru Zil’s apprehension.

Ma’kel pulled Ru Zil aside after the meeting in a private chat room. Ma’kel suggested that having Ru Zil control the Space Band Aid’s brand was a bad idea because it thwarted any chance of gaining customers from anti-Alliance backgrounds. Ru Zil disagreed wanting to hold on to his invention, and not put it in the hands of the corporation.

Hel’con contacted Dok’lis hoping to inquire on the Assembly of the Elite’s position on the Drakath’s plotting, and to set in motion the alliance against the Drakath however Dok’lis had not yet approached the Assembly. Thinking it would be best if he was there to see the Assembly himself, he got on a shuttle towards his specie’s homeplanet, Vir.

While enroute he heard some strange noises coming from the back of the ship. Opening the door to the storage section, nanites swarmed his body trying to eat his flesh. Opening a panel to the engine controls he over charged the Fo Engines causing a EMP blast that turned all of the nanites off. The escape pod shot out of the ship and he hurt the starboard propulsion with his DE control. Then alerted by JARVIS that they were heading towards an asteroid, he barely managed to shift the ship to the port before burrowing into the asteroid.


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