Sol's Exodus


Determined to discover what is going on, Hel’con and Ru Zil followed the wireless signal from the nanite bomb to the residential section of the Parliament Core. Cinnabar headed to a meeting to talk to Crag.

Grundy disguised as Cinnabar headed to the streets of the residential district to draw out the assassin’s associates. Grundy unintentionally attracted the attention of ANN, a popular news network, and was caught on camera as they tried to interview him. Venturing into a bar, he antagonized an Ikaite patron enough to start a bar brawl. An Ikaite, Meta, approached Grundy asking him about the assassin and inquiring about possible bodyguard work, Grundy instead hired him to gather information about the assassin.

Hel’con and Ru Zil tracked the signal to the 23rd floor of the Forno Building. They managed to get inside on the 19th floor pretending to be potential tenants. Hel’con managed to jump to the balcony of the 23rd floor, but Ru Zil was so intimidated by the CLIENT-bot that he demanded Hel’con return.

Grundy and Chen headed to Tartarus, and met with the Warden. Grundy asked the Warden to allow him to insert himself into the prison under the guise of a fellow Ikaite, and get information out of him. The Warden, worried of the risks to such a high profile prisoner told that if they found out about his daughter’s whereabouts he would let them enact their plan.

The Warden’s daughter, Kiadotros is a worker at the Hiajin Orphanage and she was taking her children on a field trip to a nearby nebula when her ship sent off a distress call. The Warden sent investigators after the ship but he did not hear back from them. The spy and the bodyguard agreed to help him.

Cinnabar headed out of his meeting and into his apartments on The Spire only to find a prostitute Jennell waiting for him. He was pleasured by her “tactile service” while he watched the news, seeing that there was a Kreitosh who was impersonating him downtown today.

Deeming it was time to speak to his would be assassin he visited Tartarus and with some protesting from the Warden he was granted access to speak to the Blood-sworn. The two Ikaite argued over philosophy and policy but neither gained any ground but Cinnabar promised to see this man an invalid in order for him to know the truth.

He started compiling a motion in the Alliance Government to move the prisoner from Tartarus to an Ika-tra prison. Knowing this move would be extremely unpopular he went to meet with three ambassadors Dosivikay of the Ravarsi, Sof Eko of the Targin, and Shwook of the Ploth.

Dosivikay would get the Ravarsi to support him if he would hand the specifications and manufacturing designs to the flubotnium weapons when they were recovered. Cinnabar agreed to Dos’ proposal seeking to gain the military backbone of the Alliance as his future ally.

Sof Eko voiced the concerns of the Targin people to Cinnabar in return for their support they required that he stop the Olpherian warmongering as a war with the Drakath would restrict access to the Unexplored Regions stifling Targin exploration. As an enemy of the Drakath and warring against them Cinnabar refused his proposal.

Returning to the Assembly he approached Shwook who wanted mining rights to Ika-tra and it’s surrounding systems. Cinnabar altered the arrangement by proposing that the Ploth start buying Ikaite cargo freighters. Shwook agreed.

Grundy and Chen found Kia’s freighter in the Iris Cluster abandoned and battle scarred. Finding the body of a dead Red Howl pirate, and that of the orphanage’s founder Talisa Williams, it seemed Captain Eusz and his crew kidnapped the orphans and the warden’s daughter. Tracking the deceased pirate’s purchases to an Ikaite mining colony, Iris-tra they headed there for answers.

When they arrived on the colony, Chen headed to the local bar, Crag’s Cup to inquire about the pirates. After almost starting a fight against the entire bar, he learned that the Red Howls operated in the area and that they were allied with the Emperor Chief Cinnabar.

Grundy went to theForeman Gran of the local mine and inquired about the pirates. The Foreman knew the Pirate’s base, and offered to give to him in exchange for payment or the strong arming of some tight fisted merchants. Chen and Grundy went to Prince of All Hotel to go “convince” the merchants to do some fair trade.

Arriving at the hotel, Grundy took the form of the hotel manager, and Chen put on the uniform of a hotel worker. They went to the merchant’s room, and convinced them there was a gas leak, unable to get the bodyguards away from their employers, Chen bought them new rooms and jumped a bodyguard while he went in to inspect the room.

Taking the bodyguard’s place, Grundy convinced the merchants assassins were here to kill them and he pretended to lead them to an escape route through a window. When the bodyguards went first he cornered one of the merchants and threatened him to increase their buying price of Ikaite minerals, while Chen was on the ground floor taking out the bodyguards. The merchants contacted the Foreman changing the prices, and Chen and Grundy received the coordinates for the pirate base.

Meanwhile on Parliament, Ru Zil attended the Lis Pharmaceuticals board meeting over the Band Net. He met the new board member and 5% owner of the company, Ma’kel. While introducing Ma’kel, Dok’lis came up with the idea that Dr. Ru Zil should make his own reality show to spread the awareness of Space Band Aids. Ma’kel presented himself to the board, envisioning a brighter, more neutral company policy that focused on Ikaite wealth rather then Alliance focused philanthropy this recieved a good amnount of applause from the board despite Ru Zil’s apprehension.

Ma’kel pulled Ru Zil aside after the meeting in a private chat room. Ma’kel suggested that having Ru Zil control the Space Band Aid’s brand was a bad idea because it thwarted any chance of gaining customers from anti-Alliance backgrounds. Ru Zil disagreed wanting to hold on to his invention, and not put it in the hands of the corporation.

Hel’con contacted Dok’lis hoping to inquire on the Assembly of the Elite’s position on the Drakath’s plotting, and to set in motion the alliance against the Drakath however Dok’lis had not yet approached the Assembly. Thinking it would be best if he was there to see the Assembly himself, he got on a shuttle towards his specie’s homeplanet, Vir.

While enroute he heard some strange noises coming from the back of the ship. Opening the door to the storage section, nanites swarmed his body trying to eat his flesh. Opening a panel to the engine controls he over charged the Fo Engines causing a EMP blast that turned all of the nanites off. The escape pod shot out of the ship and he hurt the starboard propulsion with his DE control. Then alerted by JARVIS that they were heading towards an asteroid, he barely managed to shift the ship to the port before burrowing into the asteroid.

Danger's Rebirth

It has been six months since the retrieval of The Pale Horse there has been no retaliation from the Verox, the Alliance remains at peace as the rest of the galaxy struggles from strife.

The construction of the Pale Horse is long underway and is due to being finished in the coming weeks. Code naming the project “Baetylus” the super weapon has been kept on an extreme need to know basis, and is the most expensive construction venture the Alliance has committed to since the “Path to Honor”.

The Triwikian War with the Drakath has been going well for the Princedoms. After the death of their last Swarm Commander, Jabraxal the Drakath Hive has struggled to replace the legendary general. Though recently finding his replacement with Calabrakus one of the Hive Commanders that led Mercy Swarm into Lokai space and participated in the Battle of Vega. With the combined weakness of their enemies, and the might of the Ikaite at the Triweks back they are pushing to break the Drakath lines past their borders and into the Hive’s own systems.The Triweks have started to call this the War of the Ascendancy , where they predict that this is the beginning of an era of new found power and prestige for the Princedoms, and undoubtedly future spoils.

The Unival have continued to push out of their systems taking colony worlds for themselves, analysts predict the reason is that they are running out of planets for their booming population that needs more room to spread out.
- -

Hel’con has spent the last six months on planet Noor recuperating from the mental trauma of being infected with dark energy. In order to help with his disability the Conclave installed a cybernetic chip that would keep the insanity at bay, and let him focus the dark energy within his system. He managed to ignore the continued visions of his sister, using the peace and self reflection the resort world provided to strengthen his will.

He received a visit from the new Drakath swarm commander, Calabrakus. Calabrakus discussed with him the promise he made to Jabraxal before his demise, that he would destroy the Lokai Assembly of the ELite. Telling the Swarm Commander that it would be done, he then messaged Dok’lis and warned him of the Drakath’s interest in the leadership’s demise. He then ventured off to Parliament to go see the inauguration of the Ikaite.

Cinnabar had spent the last six months fighting the war against the Drakath and Lokai. As his armies pilfered the remains of Lympha, he recieved an important communication from Aldoor, the Kreitosh Assembly representative, who wants to meet him when he’s on planet for the inauguration. As part of becoming an Assembly member he was assigned a VIS agent to protect him, Agent Grundy.

Commander Ru Zil now commanding the Sol Invictus in the Hades Cluster scouting for threats was conferring with his second in command, Lieutenant-Commander Anaivakay when he was attacked by genetically modified Olpherians. He killed his assailants and brought them to his lab where he identified that whoever modified the assassin’s genes were using Unival methodology. On his way to Parliament, Ru recieved a transmission from Dok’lis that he should prepare himself for a board meeting in a few days as their new board member the legendary Ma’kel is making a proposal to the board.

On Parliament, Urodotros a renowned diplomat and academic told his Proteriat, Chenzhenivakay to approach the new Assembly member, Cinnabar and gain his trust so they could gain a friend in the Assembly room.

Cinnabar arrived on the planet to have Grundy disguised as a Ravarsi soldier informing the Ikaite of friend’s good service record, and disappear around the corner to transform into Grundy and introduce himself. After that confusing introduction, Chenzhenivakay approached the ambassador to see if he could count on his help, Cinnabar agreed to to help Urodotros if he could expect help from him in return. Chen left to tell his master of the good news.

Cinnabar was contacted by Mathis now Commander of the ARG reminding him of their arrangement that he would take all the blame for the disaster at the Battle of Vega, and give the credit to the recovery of the Pale Horse to the ARG.

Cinnabar’s new bodyguard, Grundy is actually assigned to watch and report on Cinnabar to veto him as a potential threat to the Alliance. He was also given a secondary mission, to investigate the nine month old assassination of the Ploth ambassador, Plipht. Questioning Ven Brill, the person who was framed for the crime under the guise of his heat pack partner, Jam Eel he discovered that someone tampered with the VIS’ security systems at Plipht’s apartment the morning before the assassination. Checking the logs for who accessed Plipht’s apartment security was General Ploopht, Agent Griff, and Commander Ru Zil.

Talking to General Ploopht first he learned that nine months ago the General was responsible for ensuring that Parliament’s security was up to date, and protected from potential Drakath tampering.

Agent Griff was Plipht’s liason to the agency and was required to keep tabs on the ambassador at all times. He was with a sexual liason at the time of the assassination. Grundy checked in on the sexual liaison, Jennell she confirmed his alibi and he hired her to entertain Cinnabar after his inauguration.

Chen returned to his master’s home to find him in a coma gripping an ancient cube. The Proteriat called doctors and they admitted they have no knowledge of what caused the coma, but that it seems that his mind has been wiped and there is no consciousness left in his body. As tradition demands, Chen was assigned to take over his responsibilities.

The inauguration of Cinnabar began as Dhat Mas, introduced Cinnabar to the crowd and welcomed him as a member of the Assembly. Cinnabar went on to say an extremely dry speech explaining the Dark Sun Crisis, and neglecting to mention the ARG at all, betraying his promise to them. A shot rang out on the top of the stadium a huge blast of FO energy destroyed most of the stage, but failed to kill Cinnabar.

The Response Team chased down the would be assassin, Hel’con paralyzing him with dark energy. The assassin was an Ikaite with marks all over his skin denoting that he was on a Blood Quest, and finding a weapon that had a Fo Core installed inside of it giving it untold power potential. The assassin was taken to Tartarus for detainment.

The Assembly was taken to a military bunker for their own protection, the Response Team followed along with Chenzhenivakay. Chen informed the Assembly about Urodotros’ ailment, and requested their help with the device that was found at his body. Hel’con decided to take a look at it.

Hel’con, Cinnabar, and Ru Zil got into Hel’con’s shuttle to leave when they realized it was full of spiders composed of nanites. The shuttle exploded and created mass panic. PHIL tracked these nanites back to the civilian residential sector of Parliament but Hel’con decided not to pursue.

Hel’con, Cinnabar, and Ru Zil went to the Spire to see the Conclave. Consulting with the AI, the gun found on the Ikaite assassin was extremely advanced about 100 years more advanced current Alliance tech. The biology on the modified Olpherians was indeed Unival design. Hel’con also showed the Conclave the Cube which sparked it’s interest, it agreed to examine the cube for them.


The Response team went through the Phase Gate to the Verox systems sending through The Abhorrent first as a distraction. As two Orb Class cruisers intercepted the Drakath dreadnought, The Long Night flew to Installation 343.

The Stealth Team comprising of PHIL, Hauf Print, Ofaar, Dovan, Mathis and Dr Ru Zil did a Zero G jump from a shuttle in to the docking bay. When inside they barely had time to get out of the docking bay before they were spotted by the Verox guards.

Calling for the Assault Team to support them, the team managed to hack into the systems of the ship and disable the Verox’s neural net of streamlined consciousness. They learned that the most likely point where the Pale Horse is being held is the Neural Hub, the section of the ship that holds all the stored lives of the Verox and all the memories that they have, however in order to reach that room they would have to unlock it with security codes stored in one of the command centers, the only one on the part of the Dyson Sphere would be the Combat Information Center. They started heading towards the elevator.

As he left the shuttle, Condulf realized that this was not a business opportunity and tried to flee back on to the shuttle. Cinnabar quickly reminded him who the Prince was dealing with, and Condulf fell in line.

The Assault Team landed and they made their way inside the base securing the elevators. Dovan and Mathis were too injured to continue on, and were assigned to hold the elevators and docking bay along with Onyx and Purity.

Taking the elevator to the Combat Information Center The Abhorrent was taking too much fire and was being overwhelmed, and a Colossus class dreadnought was a few minutes away. Dr Ru Zil ordered Admiral Sachar to bring The Path to Honor in to attack.

Arriving on at the CIC Hauf Print was gunned down by a turret as soon as the elevator opened. Cinnabar nearly died in the battle in the CIC, seeing visions of his father and the Eternal Arena in the afterlife before being rescuitated by Dr Ru Zil.

Pushing into the room and accessing the controls of the station they realize that neither ship can hold out long with the legions of Disruptors that were being launched from the Installation. Disabling the Disruptors and leaving them dead in the water, they then unlocked the Neural Hub and made their way there through the elevator leaving an exhausted Guardian behind to hold the CIC.

A Colossus arrrived to fight off the dreadnoughts, hitting The Abhorrent splitting it in half with one shot to the starboard side. The Path to Honor arrived in time to continue distracting the armada from dealing with the intruders in Installation 343.

Arriving at the Neural Hub, a shifting floor with a large pit underneath containing cubes designed to break down the pure data of what they come into contact with. The Response Team recognized a familiar face, SPEAKER. The diplomatic representative of the Verox seemed to be as capable a soldier as it is a negotiator. To their horror, they discovered that the Verox have the technology to reprogram both synthetic and organic minds forcing friends to attack friends.

Condulf attempted to leap from one piece of the floor to the next only to fall into the death trap below. He was ripped apart by the cubes absorbing his information into their cubes.

During the fighting PHIL accessed the network’s systems and was trying to control the Deconstructor Cubes to give them an advantage. SPEAKER narrowly avoiding been engulfed by the cubes shot at PHIL shattering his metal body.

As all appeared to be lost for the Verox, SPEAKER interfaced with the main console attempting to enact some sort of security countermeasure. Hel’con stopped him with a fatal blow to SPEAKER’s chest with his robotic legs.

Recieving a communication from the Admiral that they could not hold out much longer, Ru called for the dreadnought to retreat back to the Hades Cluster.

Ru interfaced with the Neural Net retrieving the Pale Horse blueprints. He also discovered that the Neural Net held the baseline code for all Verox hosted off this server. Ofaar offered to stay behind to alter it.

Taking a gravitational lift towards SPEAKER’s private docking bay the Colossus arrived and fired on the Installation. As the laser pierced the surrounding structure, the framing of the station fell to the ground making a fractures in the floor and walls.

A titanium frame landed on Jabraxal, killing him. Paranoid that Hel’con would betray him before he left for the mission he redesigned his suit to have a nuclear device installed that ran off a dead man’s switch. The dead man’s switch activated and the nuke began to prime.

Hel’con spotting the dead man’s switch ordered everyone to run. Leaping through a hole in the floor left by the Collossus’ laser they landed a few floors below in a munitions room. Dr Ru Zil broke his leg when he jumped down.

Devising a plan to put themselves in the empty gun battery casings and firing them off into space for pick up. Dr Zil had to stay behind to fire them off and as he got into the casing to fire himself off the nuke exploded, blowing him through a wall and destroying the munitions room.

Managing to use the last of his bio nanotech to heal his leg, he made his way to the elevator shaft to climb down to the docking bay, an elevator came plummeting towards him. Getting swiped by and breaking his arm he crashed below into the docking bay. Running towards the ships he found a batallion of Verox waiting for him, as they were about to fire at him they pointed their guns at themselves.

Jury rigging a Disruptor to fit a pilot inside he managed to get into the Long Night right before the bay doors closed.

Racing towards the Phase Gate the Colossus followed suit. The freighter was unable to dodge the gargantuan dreadnought and half of it’s hull was ripped off after one direct hit. The Disruptor ships turned back on for an unknown reason and started crashing themselves into the Collosus’ hull.

Barely making it through the gate the haggard ship met the fleet waiting for them on the other side.

Arriving at Parliament the Assembly and Conclave congratulated them for their work well done. Relieved of their duty, they were given a post in any branch of the Alliance they wanted. The Conclave also offered to design a piece of technology as a personal favor.

Cinnabar was offered a seat on the Assembly which he graciously accepted, he then left to go fight the war against the Drakath and Lokai.

Hel’con retired to a vacation world to deal with his growing mental issues, and rebuild his friend PHIL.

Dr. Ru Zil went back to service with the Alliance Military, and was promoted to Commander and given his own command on a starship.

Breaking Towards Dawn

The Conclave and Assembly concurred that the retrieval of the rest of the plans for The Pale Horse are crucial to the survival of the organic species. They formulated a plan for a small strike team to enter the Verox’s base that was nearest to their borders, Forward Installation 343.

Handing this mission to the Response Team the Assembly gave them full authority on who to bring on this team.

Hel’con recieved a communiqué from EDGE, the Verox he met on Plagus III, to meet him at Home’s End, a space station orbiting the ruined homeworld of the Triweks, Wik.

Going there, EDGE in a body that copies the illusory bioresponse of the Kreitosh, informs Hel’con that the Alliance is being decieved and that the real threat is on the Drakath homeworld, Drakarum. According to EDGE, the Drakath have been a puppet race for an AI named SIRE since before they reached space flight. It was SIRE who orchestrated the Drakath bringing down the Adronikos Empire, making them the most advanced of the organic races, and SIRE who orchestrated the downfall of the Valkons through the manipulation of the Verox. The Verox were thought destroyed but rebuilt themselves and returned in 1370 CE to retaliate against SIRE, this was The War of Survival, they now return to stop SIRE from his continued manipulations by destroying him on Drakarum.

EDGE wants Hel’con to assist him in the destruction of SIRE by hitting it with a strike force. Hel’con told him he’d get back to him and left for the Drakath fleet.

He boarded The Abhorrent to speak to Jabraxal. Once on the ship he began to be haunted by vision of his sister but pushed her presence down. Telling the Swarm Commander about their mission to Verox Space and their need for allies, Jabraxal posed a deal, in exchange for his and The Abhorrent’s help, Hel’con would deal with the Lokai’s Assembly of the Elite. Agreeing and giving the general the rendevous coordinates, the engineer left for his next recruit.

Arriving at Plagus III, Guardian had pushed his people out of the plains and into the jungles winning a savage war against The Changed. Hel’con asked for his help, and Guardian, always looking for adventure and glory accepted in exchange for the Alliance’s help in the technological uplift and relocation of the Solatus species. Hel’con accepted again.

He again asked for his AI companion, PHIL’s help. PHIL accepted with no terms besides their unspoken “tell me how I died” agreement.

After receiving the mission orders, Emperor Chief Cinnabar was summoned by the Princedoms of the Triweks to convene in a War Council. The Lokai had declared war on the Princedoms and the Drakath joined their cause, the Triwekians banded behind their most powerful Prince, Lucereni. Lucereni looked for Ikaite support, and Cinnabar delivered dedicated the majority of his troops and cruisers to the cause.

After the War Council convened, Cinnabar asked for Condulf’s help in the endevour into Verox space, he quickly denied, having no interest in anything involving battle or danger. Going to Lucerni he asked for his help, Lucerni said he would go himself and bring a contingent of his personal guard if Cinnabar promised to deal with Condulf, as “the Princedoms are weakened by his existence”. The Emperor Chief agreed, decieving Condulf into coming on the suicide mission saying it was “a new business opportunity that promised much wealth”.

Cinnabar visited the Alliance Veterans hospital on Parliament and recruited Hauf Print who had put in his letter of resignation from the ARG and was planned to work for the Targin Exploratory Division when he returned after doing this one last favor for his friend.

As an agent of the ARG he went in and reported to them, and asked for any assistance in the mission, Cinnabar pledged to take all the blame on the disaster at the Battle of Vega on to himself, and to spur all the good PR of the Pale Horse on to the ARG in exchange for Mathis coming on the mission.

On Ika-tra Cinnabar brought along his sworn protector, Onyx who seeked to prove himself in bloody combat for his new Emperor Chief.

Doctor Ru Zil recieved a message from his old commanding officer, Admiral Sachar on the Path to Honor_who he served with on _The Typhoon at the Battle of Vega.

Admiral Sachar heard rumours of a heavily classified operation that Ru was associated with and told him if he ever needed any help he would take it. Ru accepted it and gave him coordinates for the rendezvous.

Leaving his old friend and meeting with elusive Ofaar at one of his hideouts, Ru asked for the assassin’s help in his mission. Ofaar told him that this was beyond the scope of the life debt that had been fulfilled in the past and that it demanded a sacrifice for him to assist in this endeavour, commitment to The Order. Dr. Zil joined and became a Hand, and was installed with a suicide chip on his vertebrate.

ContactingParagon Purity he asked him for help. Purity still seeked the knowledge lost at Alabosh which his friend Hope had let slip through his fingers. The information was classified and not for sale, but he convinced Dr. Zil to retrieve it for him once he returned from the mission.

The Abhorrent_,_Path to Honor, and Long Night rendezvoused in the Hades Cluster to speak battle plans, and prepare for the mission. They made their final peace before they made their plunge into certain death.

Passage Toward the Onset

The group escaped the Plagus system, and JARVIS interrupted an information packet sent out from the Verox labeled The Pale Horse.

Hel’con recovered in the medical bay recovering from the effects of the dark energy wave, he started seeing his sister who died at the hands of the Drakath a year ago.

Returning to Parliament, they gave the information they found to the Assembly and The Conclave. The information they found on Plagus III informed them of ways they could protect their planets from the dark energy crisis. The Conclave deciphered that The Pale Horse were designs for a super weapon designed to manipulate dark energy. The Assembly gave the team some shore leave as they decided their next course of action.

Cinnabar went to the Iris Cluster to respond to a crisis that had arisen with his people. A group of pirates has been asailing their trade routes, and his father had gone into respond to it. Taking a crippling defeat, his father, Emperor Chief Obsidian was ready to go in again but Cinnabar questioned his leadership and battled him to the death. His father’s old favorite Onyx proved his loyalty by swearing a Or-thack, the ritual of disassembling a body part from oneself to prove loyalty to a superior.

Crowned the new king, he went in with The Long Night, negotiated with the pirate clan’s second, Eusz to betray the Red Howl Clan’s leader, Captain Brynirch. Cinnabar and Eusz boarded the ship and killed the leader. Eusz agreed to work for the Ikaite as long as they remained seperate from the Ikaite, and got to keep their asteroid base.

Dr. Ru Zil went to tend to Pravesh, a planet that went dark a few hours ago. He recruited some civilians to assist. He arrived to find that the planet was being occupied by the Unival. He joined up with the resistance forces, and cut off the Unival’s control by taking over the space port with John Marston. The resistance managed to capture Paragon Purity, and he revealed that they were experimenting on the people of Pravesh to try to cure the Icythus Plague. Ru Zil forgave him, and made an agreement with Purity to get the Veratoss and Unival working together to cure this plague. The leader of the Pravesh resistance, Kar was angry at this but was not ready to strike the hero of the resistance down after their moment of triumph.

Hel’con went to Carpalas at personal request of the CEO of Lis Pharmeceuticals, Dok’lis who is negotiating a peace treaty between the Drakath and the Lokai. He is also approached by a VIS agent who is undercover as a reporter Kor Soor advises Hel’con to sabotage the treaty as the Drakath plan to direct a war against the Alliance with a stipulation that any war the Drakath participate in the Alliance have to as well.

While at the summit, Hel’con discovers a plot to blow the meeting up by the Ikaite terrorist group, Occipito’s Reach, but stops it, defusing the bomb. He delays the meeting by telling both sides of the bomb threat. Approaching the VIS agent he reveals to both him and his handler, Officer Dellus of the greater threat of the Dark Sun Crisis, and that there is a greater threat to all of this. He went to go meet with Dok’lis only to find him kidnapped by Occipito’s Reach, Dok’lis own assistant the main conspirator.

Saving Dok’lis and interrogating the ring leader, Aly’fes, he discovered about the terrorist’s mantra “Pure technological growth, or none at all”. Dok’lis signed the treaty, and the Lokai immediately declared war on the Triwekian Princedoms.

The team was recalled back to the Assembly for further orders.

Stranger and Stranger Worlds pt 2

Retreating to the Dome with the rest of the Solatus defenders, Hel’Con learned from SHIELD that the Verox had demanded entrance to the city which SHIELD denied. Knowing his back is against the wall Hel’con went out and parlayed with the Verox leader Edge.

He managed to negotiate in exchange for a few hours of reprieve and the return of the prisoners in exchange for the location of the crashed Verox Orb, SHIELD’s AI core brought to them, and any data they find pertaining to the Dark Sun Crisis. Hel’con agreed.

Meanwhile captured on the Verox Orb, The Albatross, Cinnabar andDr Ru Zil were contained in stasis fields. They were questioned, and tried to explain the nature of p Plagus System’ sun but they would not listen. However, the Verox did learn a good deal about Cinnabar and Dr Zil.

Returned to the Dome, the Response Team tried to figure out a way to deal with their present situation. Deciding to capture SHIELD as their top priority, they approached Guardian about getting his help. Dr Zil gave him the argument that it would be for the greater good and safety for his people to give up SHIELD but Guardian refused to give up one of the fathers of his race, and leader of his people.

Hel’con surmised the AI cores would be held near the underground ship yard and core which the City was built around. He approached SHIELD telling him that they would try to reach the crashed spaceship in the jungle by the underground pathways. So the squad went down to the lower levels where the Fo Core and the shipyard was.

Dr Zil, wanting access to the AI Core, lied to SHIELD telling him that he could boost their defenses against Verox attacks. He argued with the synthetic but in the end the doctor won out.

Going to the AI core by himself, Dr Zil hacked into the network disabling the Core’s inner defenses but missing the alarm system. As he pulled Shield out of his insert, alarms went off, and GLOBAL warned over the comm system of the treason.

Dodging the internal defenses the doctor ran for the exit, while Hel’con ran to his aid. Hel’con was overcame by a squad of matter manipulators, while the doctor was forced into a corner.

The doctor tried to use SHIELD as a hostage but the Solatus did not buy it, agreeing to let him go if he gave up their leader. He agreed, and Cinnabar was forced to surrender. His captors escorted them back to the AI core where SHIELD was reinserted, and Cinnabar who noticed those who used matter manipulation were physically exhausted he dropped a grenade in the midst of them killing most of his captors and destroying SHIELD and GLOBAL’s inserts.

As Cinnabar and Dr Zil fended off the surviving Solatus, Hel’con spoke to the surviving AI, AID. AID convinced him that he did not intend harm as he is not involved with the management of the city instead his main directive is to maintain the medical facilities and ensure the survival and care of the Solatus, his creations.

Telling AID that all his children would die if the Verox attacked the city again, Hel’con convinced the AI to disguise himself as SHIELD and give itself to the Verox. AID agreed, calling for a full city evacuation as there was no AI to maintain the kinetic barriers, or the Fo Core.

Cinnabar and Dr Zil ran to the Verox to give them the AI insert, while Hel’con recovered GLOBAL’s data from the perch with only ten minutes until the next Dark Wave. As the Verox lifted off, not willing to risk going insane to wait for Hel’con he used his leg augments to leap on to the ship and hook himself on to the hull as they left atmosphere.

Hit by the after current of the wave, the Albatross’ kinetics held but Hel’con took the blast. He started to hallucinate imagining creatures creeping towards him as he entered a death trance.

The Albatross floated through space as The Long Night responded to the doctor’s distress call. Recovering Hel’con from space who was frozen, and seeing his dead sister as he was pulled into the med bay. Commander Cinnabar allowed the stranded Verox on to the ship for safe passage to the next port.

Strangers and Stranger Worlds Pt 1

At the request of the Assembly, the characters met with the Verox. They spoke to Speaker who told them that they meant no harm as long as they stayed outside of their systems. The Verox assured them that they had nothing to do with the Dark Sun Crisis.

Returning to Alliance Space but telling Admiral Ikran to resupply the Watcher Outpost and the Hades Cluster with more ships and troops to watch the gates to Verox Space.

They returned to Parliament, and reported to the Assembly. The Assembly unsure what to do, but knowing that they needed to let the characters on more what was going on led them to a section under their chambers to a group of AIs called The Conclave.

The Conclave it explained served as advisors to the Assembly in threat assessment and risk/reward scenarios when it came to decision and policy making.

The Conclave informed the characters of a distress call that was made by a science team exploring an unmapped area of space near the edge of the Frontier, the Plagus System.

Rewarded with a new ship, The Long Night, they set out to the Plagus System where they found the scientific observation post The Hermes which had no power and was orbiting the sun lifeless.

The characters boarded the ship with two copies of PHIL one on a insert chip, the other in his body. Finding the burnt corpses of many past crew of the ship. Even walking in on a survivor only for him to mysteriously liquify on the wall from some invisible force.

Plugging PHIL into the Flubotnium Core and getting him to reset the core systems, PHIL warned them of another AI in the network who was promptly trying force it out.

Making their way to the Command Post, the characters watched the science team’s records before they went down to Plagus III. They reported that the sun was emitting strange levels of dark energy but they are so far out of orbit that the radiation could not possibly touch them. Then the head of the science team, Captain Val Thrace reported she was sending three teams including herself to investigate the planet on the city, jungle, and crevace sections of the planet.

Also retrieving the security records which showed a dark energy wave hitting the ship, and the VI of the ship killing the crew.

The VI now an AI obviously now self aware and hateful towards organics calling itself HERMES threatened and interrogated the characters.

Cinnabar convinced the AI that they were no threat, HERMES told him of The Ghost that lived in this ship since the incident and that it destroyed all organics that HERMES did not find. HERMES seemed incapable of killing it. Cinnabar and the other characters offered to help in exchange for free passage.

They lured The Ghost who was a Ploth turned dark energy monstrosity and killed it. In the process PHIL’s body was destroyed.

Retrieving PHIL in the insert they left The Hermes, and continued down to the planet.

Deciding on going to a city structure surrounded by a large kinetic barrier which obviously protected the city from the dark energy waves.

On arrival the characters interacted with an AI called SHIELD at the city gates, seeming protective of the city it demanded that they retrieve the Fo core from the Ranger Class Ship that’s VI had gone rogue since the last wave and was terrorizing the populace of the planet.

Finding the Ranger flying over a No Man’s Land between the city and the jungle they used the shuttle to translocate coordinates for The Long Night to fire at, the Ranger was shot down by not before getting shot down themselves, and the pilot Hauf Print died in the process.

In the chaotic aftermath Dr Ru Zil went to the jungle side and spoke to one of The Changed Icolo and learned that there was a war between the free people of the jungle, and those of the city that serve the machines that run it.

While Cinnabar and Hel’con retrieved the Fo Core from the Ranger which an envoy of Solatus helped. The Solatus shot the Doctor and Icolo angry looks clearly ready for a fight to break out.

Returning to the city with the Fo Core, they were allowed passage inside.

The City obviously ancient was occupied by a species known as the Solatus who seemed to be capable of manipulating matter with their minds.

Greeted by the Solatus’ leader Guardian, who asked many questions of the outside world, led them to the physical embodiment of SHIELD. SHIELD asked them their purpose, and showed no knowledge of the location of any of the science teams that came down to Plagus III. The characters noticed blood on the seats that they sat however, Dr Zil managed to collect a sample however.

The characters expressed interest in learning more of the dark energy infected suns and what happened to the planet. SHIELD offered in exchange for their observational data collected over the past thousand years, the characters retrieve components from a highly advanced crashed ship on the planet. He directs them to talk to GLOBAL another AI in the city.

The eccentric GLOBAL speaks to them and shows that this crashed ship seemingly Verox design crashed in the midst of the Jungle, The Changed’s territory. GLOBAL also explained how Plagus III was originally a Valkon colony used as a secret construction facility for a prototype spaceship designed to fly out and explore other galaxies. When the dark waves hit the AIs were forced to deal with the populace inside the city in uncivilized means, and those caught outside turned into The Changed.

The characters also went to AID to mend their injuries. AID initially dismissive, told them how they needed a workforce for the prototype ship so SHIELD asked AID to use the Valkons in stasis sleep and make them into improved versions of The Changed. Calling themselves Solatus, they became their major workforce and protectors even carving out a large section of the continent away from the city to ensure The Changed did not interfere. Dr Zil tested the blood here and found that it was human.

The characters decided to wait the wave out before heading to retrieve the Verox ship. The city became under attack by Verox, and while the characters and the Solatus held their own Hel’con was forced to call a retreat, while Cinnabar and Dr Ru Zil were both captured by the enemy.

The City of Life

Having discovered that Alabosh the Otamic lost City of Life is in the Vega System, and that both the returned Unival and Drakath are heading to the Vega to capture the city’s secrets the ARG squad headed back to Parliament to rally support.

The ARG squad successfully convinced the Assembly to give them the Second and Third Fleet to go into the Vega System to capture the knowledge of the city. Obsidian also gave his son Cinnabar command of the Ikaite’s only ship, The Rock Bitch.

Leading the fleets into the Vega System, the Alliance fleets engaged the Drakath and Unival armadas while the Rock Bitch flew to Vega I’s surface. Making it safely to the planet, the ARG squad and the Ikaite honor guard entered an Otamic city withat appeared to be all but ruins. A beam of light emanated from the middle of the city which Swosh identified as a wormhole.

Facing off against the city’s defences, the ARG squad was guided underground and forced to put slave collars on by the VI overseer. Escaping to the surface, a Drakath Hornet crashed near them killing most of the Ikaite except Cut-Punch and one of his men. The ARG squad managed to dispose of the Drakath invaders. However, a small communication device came off a Drakath soldier’s corpse, and Jabraxal tried to convince the ARG squad to cooperate with the Drakath and use Alabosh’s control of a wormhole to destroy the Unival fleet.

They decided to agree with Jabraxal for the time being until a better solution presented itself. They entered the Abbatical and fought their way to the wormhole. They entered the other side to find that they were in an Otamic space station hidden in the middle of an asteroid belt in the Vega system.

Fighting resistance to the elevator, Cut-Punch died as a security bot drove a drill through his abdomen. Cel’kai discovered a console which told that the Otamic failed to cure the disease that ailed them because whenever they found a cure it would adapt and continue it’s destruction of the population. The remaining Otamic scientists went into stasis hoping to preserve their species for a later date.

The ARG team made it to the top of the space station to find Paragon Rism at The Cord‘s console. Rism told them they were in the wrong for his people were dying of disease while they only wanted to play god with this technology. The ARG squad fought the Paragon as Cinnabar was critically injured from a blade through his chest, and Cel’kai was beaten an inch from death. After killing Rism with a combined attack from Mathis, Hauf Print and Swosh the squad interfaced with The Cord.

The Cord detailed that he was an observation and calculation AI that studied the development of biological organisms with the Otamic Towers, satellites that were placed around the galaxy thousands of years ago. It’s original purpose was to study and help cure a plague that had artifical elements to it. The AI also told them that applying his information could give the species of this timeline near perfect genetic potential if applied. After it’s contemplations over the past six thousand years however it strongly suggests against it since it will corrupt their civilizations radically, calling it “removing the soul from a society”.

Most of the ARG squad decided against it telling the Otamic AI to overload the Fo Core which would cast the asteroid field into the planet and surrounding space. However, Cel’kai communicated with Jabraxal and in exchange for his cooperation would give the Lokai a reprieve from further attacks. Cel’kai hacked The Cord giving it alternate orders to rip a wormhole in the middle of the fleet. The first attempt failed causing minor suspicious activity as the AI acted confused but ultimately it succeeded.

The Drakath fleet fled, while the Alliance and Unival still engaged each other. The squad returned to Vega I and watched as a wormhole ripped open in the skies above, ripping apart the Alliance and Unival fleets. The Rock Bitch picked up the squad, the Drakath fleet returned to claim Alabosh.

Cinnabar commanded the Rock Bitch to fly in and destroy the space station. Cel’kai was the only one who protested and was sent to the brig. Hauf Print manned the helm with Granite and managed to destroy the facility before being shot down seconds away from the Phase Gate. Meanwhile Cel’kai managed to escape the brig, and made his way to engineering to grab a shuttle when the Rock Bitch recieved a fatal blow and the Fo Engines overloaded sending fire throughout the level, and incinerating him. The rest of the squad managed to reach an escape pod but were forced to watch as First Mate Slate was consumed while helping his men escape as the Drakath shot a killing blow.


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