Dead. The Empress of the Rock, and Head of Fiao Dynasty


Crowned in 2195 the Empress has led the Ravarsi people in a time of unsure peace. As a young girl she was selected to be the Head of Fiao Dynasty, and after a surge of popularity after organizing relief efforts in the Agiao Cluster after a series of natural disasters, to negotiating the Ciao rebellion to disarm, she was elected Emperor of the Rock. Although she has shown her political fortitude in her own right some consider her merely a puppet for her brother Ambassador Dosivikay. It is said words bubble into existence in Dos’ mind and exit through the silver tongue of his sister.


Following the death of her brother, Dosivikay, there have been reports of indecision in the capital, and political unrest. The Empress has yet to select a replacement for Dos. There are rumors that in fact she is considering calling back her ships installed in the Ravarsi military back home.

She met with Chenzhen-Ivikay who seeks the help of Throne of Rock to form an alliance with the Drakath, but taking her brother’s council, she outright refused him.

Died in a coup by Chen’s hand.


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