A VIS officer


A Kreitosh Veratoss Intelligence Service Officer, she has worked for the “Company” for 8 eights years. She is considerably young and inexperienced for the long lived species but has been assigned the handling of Commander Ru Zil.


Interrogated Ru Zil and convinced him to confess. She has since relieved him of any punishment for the charges in exchange for him becoming an asset of the VIS. This entails him being monitored and tracked at all times.

Has begun helpingRu Zil with his operations, namely the investigation of Black Web a planned operation by the clandestine terrorist organization, Occipito’s Reach. Syn has set her informants to gather any intelligence on the Lokai government, and the Assembly of the Elite’s meeting on Vir.

Reported the intelligence she received from Ru Zil’s monitoring device that the Ikaite and Olpherians were involved in the Drakath coup, and Cinnabar had taken a Son named SIRE to Ika-tra as an ally. She gave Ru a mission to plant a chameleon listening device on SIRE, and agreed to arrange a meeting with a VIS Watcher or higher to meet with him.


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