Dead. A Ploth scientist who is under the employ of the ARG as a science officer


Swosh was split off from his progenitor’s appendage in a research station orbiting, specializing in exotic matter physics and other space anomalies. While most other members of his species made their way on the station as traders, acting as middle men in supply negotiations, Swosh found a passion in the theoretical work the station was performing. While talented enough, he found it hard to find work in the more interesting fields. There were few considerations for his species in lab work, and some level of prejudice kept him to the more routine and mundane works. Cut off from most of his people, as he became estranged when he abandoned the family business (it takes a lot out of a Ploth to make a child, a big investment that turned sour), he found himself without real prospects. An Alliance ship, which arrived at the station when a rogue experiment went wrong, found itself needing a new science officer after the last bit the proverbial space bullet: Swosh jumepd at the chance, and never looked back.

Swosh has become a capable ARG member and has led the team through extremely difficult situations.


The City of Life


Sol's Exodus Atlas