Dead. A Veratoss Information Service Agent


Solanum is a Veratoss Information Service Agent who’s codename is Grundy. He specializes in espionage and counter intelligence, considered by high command as one of the most effective agents he is a Cypher 1 agent.

Grundy was on the ground at Vega when the Response Team first landed. He was wounded with the initial landing party and lost consciousness. When finally regaining consciousness he saw a hurt Drakath signalling his ship. With no communicator and his legs being badly wounded , he took the identity of the damaged high ranking Drakath officer and disposed of him, taking this opportunity to infiltrate the Drakath, and gain much needed medical care. When arriving the the ship’s doctors tried to remove his suit, but aware that he would be identified as a Kreitosh he refused and assessed his wounds himself. One officer keened in on his medical knowledge, finding this suspicious as the fallen officer never knew nothing of such procedures .

Once healed he managed to gain trust of The Hive and was allowed in many high access rooms. There he learned of drakath secrets, one of which was that the drakath were not the real threat, but an AI named SIRE. Many attempts were made to the Alliance to inform them, but communication systems failed me as the frequency to the alliance was distributed by another force. Nights passed as I stayed hidden within the Drakath hive, only to learn of a peace treaty. Knowing of the growing force behind SIRE, he sought out the most influential member of the Hive, Iuliak to sedate and take the place of. But as he made his move he was being watched by a drakath officer. His enemy had noticed his small trait differences and became suspicious as to who Grundy really was. He noticed Grundy had tried numerous times contacting the alliance, and had seen the spy going in and out of the Commander’s house, thinking that I was conspiring with the Commander behind the drakath’s backs. When it came time to the debate, I had morphed into the Iuliak, wearing his suit to find out later that the suspicious officer had changed my tank to one containing carbon.

When talking an convincing the Hive that a peace treaty was not in order, the officer was baffled that the carbon had not yet ruined my skin, poisoned or suffocated me. He and a few others ran back to Iuiak’s house to find his sedated body. They proceeded back to the court and unmasked me as a traitor and spy amongst the Hive, immediately pushing the Queen to make peace and gain the Lokai as allies. Shape shifting into a hard skin body, and booking it to safety, hijacking a drakath ship, piloting it back to the alliance.


Solanum was reassigned to veto Cinnabar as a potential threat, and to investigate the assassination of the Ploth ambassador.

In an attempt to investigate the attempted assassination of Ambassador Cinnabar he pretended to be Cinnabar on Parliament to attract the would be assassins but only angered the people. In order to infiltrate Tartarus and gain the Blood-sworn’s trust he set out to save the Warden’s daughter who was captured by pirates.

Strong arming a couple of Triwek merchants to gain the location of the pirate’s base he infiltrated the base, and managed to rescue both Kiadotros and the orphans.

Overseeing the Blood-sworn’s prison transfer he helped repel a rescue attempt.

He interrogated Ru Zil at a hospital on Ika-tra about the death of the Ploth ambassador, and discovered the Ru met with the ambassador the day of his death, and that he had no alibi.

While undercover in the Morphic Party he helped kidnap Crag. He was discovered and beaten to a pulp but was rescued by Ru Zil.

He was present on the Baetylus when it was taken.

He deleted any suspicions of insubordination that the now dead commander of the VIS had.

On the return of Acting Commander Kor Soor he reported that Ru Zil had murdered Ambassador Plipht. After Ru Zil was detained, Kor and Grundy had an argument that resulted in Grundy enacting a failed coup. He was detained, and later executed for his treason. His execution was the first in one-hundred years in the Alliance.


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