A Son who manipulates the Drakath


According to EDGE, SIRE is a AI that has manipulated the Drakath’s ascension from primitive organic species to highly advanced space civilization. He has allied with the Response Team, and taken one of their members, Octavian as a host body.


Cornered by Adronika and the Response Team agreed to give information to them, and help them in exchange for his continued survival. His containment unit has been sent to Ika-tra in a VI housing unit under Drakath guard.

He was almost killed by an explosion by a dark energy bomb that was sent to Ika-tra by PRAXIS and was only saved by Dovan’s sacrifice.

When the Response Team found him he was barely alive, and could only be saved by taking a new host body, in which Octavian volunteered. SIRE’s force of will overtook Octavian’s and destroyed almost all of Octavian, leaving only the smallest bit of him behind to fuse to SIRE’s consciousness.

SIRE helped the Response Team find the slip space drive that was built into the bomb, and tracked its origin to the Thanos Nebula, a staging ground for PRAXIS’ armada. They decided to send the Drakath Fleet to a surprise attack the preparing armadas.


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