Paragon of Purity for the Unival Collective.


A Paragon for the Unival people concerned with purifying the Unival of disease. Fought in the mission into Unival space.


Lead an occupation of Pravesh in order to experiment on the residents for a cure to the Icythus Plague. The occupation was resisted but he was freed by Dr. Ru Zil, and they started a joint research team between the Veratoss and the Unival together.

Agreed to go on the mission to retrieve the Pale Mare if after Ru Zil recovered the classified secrets of Alabosh.

Survived the mission into Verox space.


Has been working on [[BG=104]] researching the Icythus Plague with the Veratoss.

Consulted with Ru Zil that the Olpherians that attacked him were genetically altered by Unival but were too advanced for them.

After an Ichyhus Outbreak onRunvin, he got the Response Team to discover the reason of the Outbreak (PRAXIS), and retrieve the Ichythus Detector and samples of the infected immunization samples and its destination points. Purity then ordered an eradication order on the planet, the Unival fleet lit the surface of the planet on fire.


Sol's Exodus Atlas