A seed AI and manipulator of the galaxy


PRAXIS is part of a species of seed AIs called The Sons. It was sent to the Milky Way Galaxy as the leader of an expedition to perform experiments on a massive scale on the galaxy’s populace. These trials have been performed over thousands of years apart, and have led to the end of the Otamic, Andronikos, and Valkon civilizations.

During the experiments PRAXIS has cannibalized three of the former members of the expedition.

Each of the expedition members were responsible for an individual experiment. PRAXIS’ experiment is the last one, and involves using the suns infected with dark energy to remold life in the Milky Way galaxy. PRAXIS believes this will immortalize him in the eyes of the Precursors.

In the history of the Universal Alliance PRAXIS had disguised himself as a group of AI advisors to the Alliance government called The Conclave. It has revealed itself to steal the Baetylus, a super weapon capable of manipulating dark energy.

Modified the Ichythus virus on Unival worlds in order to create himself a new army of fearless and mindless soldiers bent to serve him. These efforts seemingly have been stopped however by the Response Team.

He has continued to experiment with biological life and creating more efficient monstrosities. He upgraded the Icythus to seek to kill all life, and technology. He has created himself an army of dark energy beasts by exposing brain washed Ravarsi to to dark energy over time.

In past centuries while preparing for his final plan he seems to have created an unknown species that was adept at savagery but obedient to his cause. Apparently this species evolved making themselves less obedient and more independent, going past PRAXIS’ control.


In order to destroy his brother SIRE he sent a dark energy bomb to Ika-tra, that once set off killed millions on the planet.


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