Dead. A Lokai who sits on the Board of Directors at Lis Pharmaceuticals


Is a strong supporter of democracy and Lokai society switching to such a method of government. He sits on the Board of Directors in Lis Pharmaceuticals.


Approached Ru Zil a fellow board member and offered a partnership to stop Ma’Kel from changing the company’s direction and his plan to meet with Dok’Lis. Phy believes that if the meeting were to happen Dok’Lis would be convinced to change his direction away from Alliance trade and more of a traditional neutral trade with all parties.

Received a document from Ru Zil containing all of the images of illegally stored weapons by Ma’Kel.

Met with Dok’Lis with Ru’Zil and showed him the evidence of the stored weapons. They convinced Dok’Lis to be wary of Ma’Kel, and question him about this.

Is dead after he committed suicide in his apartment.



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