Old Infiltrator Verox reprogrammed by Hel'con


Found hacking a Veratoss Intelligence Service station and deleting data at the archives, it was reprogrammed by the Lokai engineer Hel’con who convinced it that he was the Valkon High Chancellor.

When brought along on a mission to the Plagus system he was inserted into the station’s systems to turn the power on while another AI was occupying the system. This caused PHIL to mature a lot as an a AI, realizing that Hel’con was not High Chancellor but deceiving him. Though PHIL recognizes that Hel’con’s mission to stop the da Dark Sun Crisis is of the up most importance and continues to help it.

Recent Events


Agreed to go along on the mission into Verox territory to recover The Pale Horse. While trying to tamper with the Verox’ security systems its body was destroyed.

While beginning his retirement, Hel’con rebuilt a body for him.


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