Dead. Kreitosh Assassin of the Order


A Hand of The Order, Ofaar is the most famous assassin in recent memory. He has a genetic defect that actually gives him flawless appearance duplication, and his body adaption skills are masterful.


He assassinated the Drakath’s chief researcher, he was captured by the Drakath but Dr Ru Zil freed him with the promise of helping him track down who hired him.

An Order planet was attacked that was home to an Order family raising center, Ofaar and Dr Ru Zil evacuated the children.

Tracking down who hired him, the Ploth Ambassador, after Ru interrogated him, Ofaar assassinated him.

Ofaar agreed to go on the mission to recover The Pale Mare after Ru was sworn into The Order.

While on the mission in Verox space he stayed behind to reprogram the Verox’s root code and give the rest a chance to escape.

Has been ousted byRu Zil as the one who murdered Ambassador Plipht.


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