A extremely successful Lokai businessman


A Lokai businessman who fifteen years ago owned thirty percent of all Lokai hypercorps, he sold off his businesses as a trillionaire and retired. Recently coming out of retirement though and buying up five percent of Lis Pharmaceuticals.


Approached Ru Zil to sell his patent on the Space Band Aids to Lis so the company could have control of the product and who they sell it to.

Ru Zil discovered that Ma’Kel is hoarding thousands of military armaments made by ’Ou Robotics in the Pherus System.

Has taken over the management of Lis Pharmeceuticals as Dok’Lis is focusing on politics.

Has been discovered by Detective Fe’Rel that the reason Ma’Kel came out retirement was that Occipito’s Reach is controlling him with nanites.


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